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The weirdness continues. Darren Beaman's site http://www.savilerowtraining.co.uk got hacked a couple of days ago, apparently by someone he knows. Here's what he had to say about it. Sad day that someone hacked and taken my web site down. The good things is that I seeing him tomorrow. I reported him for child porn on his facebook page. Losing a web site seams a small price to protect a child. https://instagram.com/p/z2j0-aglKh/ Here's the message the hacker left on...
But Sea World! And Disney! And putt-putt golfing!
They're still higher, on average, even if you throw in East Palo Alto.And the Tenderloin isn't a ghetto. It's an Alternative Lifestyle Community.
I like how everyone is wearing all their cold weather gear."Please exit the plane immediately leaving all your personal belongings behind.""Screw that, lady. It's freezing out there."
A quick check of Zillow tells me that the median home value in SF is 985K while the median home value in Mountain View is 1.18 million. Cupertino, Menlo Park and Palo Alto are even higher.
Well, Silicon Valley prices have been insane for years. San Francisco managed to stay out of the madness for a long time. My understanding of what happened is that Silicon Valley companies started to encourage their employees to live in San Francisco because it was cheap. Google alone has about 23K employees in Silicon Valley and they are adding another 10K or so by the end of the year. Almost all of these people will probably end up living in San Francisco.San Francisco...
Maybe about the weather, but SF RE has gone insane over the last 5 years, and really over just the last 2.
I was absolutely down with this until I got to "Vegan Spirituality Meet-up".
Aladdin? Oh, please. How much hipster street cred are you going to get from seeing Aladdin? No, BambiF*cker/Kaffeehaus, is the only way to go. For extra points, it was produced by Kickstarter. Plus, it's in Brooklyn -- where else? -- so you can attend the performance without contributing to global warming by having to take the subway or something.Kidding aside, this actually sounds perverse enough to be interesting. And it is the kind of thing that can be tough to find...
+0.5A lot of big Broadway shows are comically expensive tourist bait. The better ones will end up in London where tickets are often to be had for half the cost. Given that it is easily possible to drop 1K+ on a pair of Broadway tickets, you might well be better off all around just flying over and catching the West End version. Having said that, one of the great regrets of my life is not having seen "Spiderman: Turn off the Dark" in previews.But some of the smaller...
New Posts  All Forums: