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My understanding is that cabs are mostly for tourists, like the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park. Uber from Williamsburg to midtown.You don't like it, the Groping Elmo?
Clinton, flower show, boots, FC.Why do you ask?
You are all missing the point. Guys -- and it is mostly guys -- buy expensive cars because they are a lekking device. Thirty-thousand dollar marble dining tables are not a lekking device. To put it another way, buying a 30K table may get you screwed but it will never, unlike an expensive car, get you laid.
There's a lot to unpack here.First, with respect to the airplane, I agree that people who make a big deal about a baby crying on an airplane are wrong. Having said that, a certain amount of involuntary despair is to be expected when you are stuck on a 12-hour flight with a screaming baby. But the parents can't do anything about it and they would if they could so they get a pass. Or, rather, they don't really need a pass since they aren't at fault. If, however, your baby is...
Ah, OK. I was picturing some couple saying "Let's get married in someplace exotic and romantic! How about Brussels?"
I completely agree with this. But in order to learn from their mistakes, there have to be consequences. I am fully on-board with parents who are trying to civilize the next generation. I am completely supportive, both actively and philosophically, of parents who, for example, bring their kids to decent restaurants and try to train them how to behave properly. I am less supportive of people who bring their kids to decent restaurants and allow them to run riot in an orgy of...
"Maroon 5". What a poseur. Has SF really come to this?Look, Mr. Slyguy -- if that's your real name -- matching pants and jacket are called a suit, which is one thing, not two. At best, what you have here is a Maroon 4 which is a total fail. You might as well be wearing a matching tie & pocket square.If you were a real player, you would have worn a maroon hat.Now that's a player.
This. Make the record. I think making a report is almost a duty exactly because you do not know. If this were a friend/neighbor and you knew the dog, it might be different. But you really have no idea what this dog is like. If he was just having a bad day and this was a one-off, there's no harm done in reporting it. But if he is -- or is becoming -- a serial biter, then at some point, steps need to be taken to keep the dog from biting people. This doesn't mean he'll get...
You win. The few times I've done this, I've gone to a cutting yard and found scrap which could be cut to fit. On a couple of occasions, while I paid for cutting and polishing, they threw the stone in for free. It still cost more than $9, though.
What suit were you wearing? Maybe the dog really hates drape.Good thing you were there, though. It sounds like you and your jacket really did save the day, even if inadvertently.
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