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Are your palms dead yet?
How many Pio Chairs does this represent?
New York or this thread?
I agree that's an "incredible" price. I don't want to get into the whole price vs. value thing,and I am perfectly aware that the correct answer to "Why do you charge so much?" is always, "Because we can!", but for a wicker chair, 16K seems to be getting into Neiman Marcus Collard Greens territory. And I speak as someone who buys bespoke.
Does your building happen to have a giant atrium? I can't believe someone means to plant them outside. They'd be dead by Thanksgiving.
Hmm. Does it have fringe on both ends, Moo?And I had been trying to forget.
It's a pity about the dog. You could have posed him for a much better shot.
Hand him a referral card for a local homeless shelter. This is actually what homeless advocates suggest that you do, so you're on solid ground. Plus, after you give him one, he'll never bother you again.In the alternative, you could just pay him to follow you around carrying your overcoat in case the weather turns.
I find this is one of the more actually useful things these machines can do. Cook the meat sous vide. When it's done, freeze it, still in the vacuum-sealed bag. When you want to eat, chuck it back in a sous vide bath at 120 degrees. The contents will get up to temperature very quickly, especially if it's relatively thin, like a steak. Then brown it as normal. I used to put way too much thought into what and when to thaw things. Typically, it would have to come out of the...
New Posts  All Forums: