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Yes, probably not the photos. Have you tried changing your tie/pocket square combo?
Don't you like popcorn in Germany?
I did some sous vide popcorn last night. I gave it 6 hours at 190F and I put half a teaspoon of truffle oil in the bag with the kernels. I thought it came out pretty well. The truffle oil added a lot of flavor and the popped corn came out noticeable larger than normal, I guess because of the vacuum. The consistency seemed about the same as microwave popcorn, which I often burn trying to get the last kernels to pop. That's something you don't have to worry about with...
One difference is that, when you are representing a client at a firm, you are often trying to get them out of trouble. When you are the in-house GC, you are more often trying to keep them out of trouble.
Can you imagine a couple of hardcore NY gangbangers getting into a knife fight? People would think it was cute.I can just picture you walking along wearing a Steed suit, perfect tie and impeccable pocket square . . . and carrying a samurai sword. Passing cops are shaking their heads thinking, "No way. I'm not writing that report."
It's also, as Piobaire points out, that a lot of these people, especially during restaurant week, don't know what they are talking about. I've usually found restaurant week menus to be as well-prepared as anything the restaurant does. The dishes are typically something the restaurant offers anyway, although the portions are often smaller. It's not like Le Gavroche is suddenly going to offer a special menu featuring tater tots and beanie weenies.But often, people are trying...
Yes. This is absolutely correct. The signal-to-noise ratio is incredibly low. Yelp is an expression of the modern fallacy that everyone should have a voice and everyone's opinion is equal. But some opinions are more equal than others. That's just the way it is.If most of the reviewers were decent, they would give lower ratings along with thoughtful commentary. The example you give is a perfect example of someone loving something for no other reason than that they...
Isn't that an awfully long cooking time for a steak? Even for a relatively tough cut like chuck?
The problem with Yelp -- or, rather, one of the problems with Yelp -- isn't the occasional negative rating, it's all the positive ones. Yelp ratings are a lot like transaction ratings on ebay where anything less than "AAAAAAA+++++++ seller! Great transaction! Prompt Delivery!" is considered a mortal insult. Logically, the average Yelp rating ought to be 3 stars. I'd bet the average is actually about 4.5. People are far more likely to rate a place favorably simply because...
New Posts  All Forums: