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Give the man a break. He hasn't even gotten his new Cappellini catalog yet.Some of those pictures are not terrible. But this looks like Contemporary Hoarder.Generally speaking, I think keeping books -- especially lots of books -- in the "public" areas of your home is right up there with keeping a deep-frying basket under your coffee table. Are you really likely to invite guests over and then ask them to select a book from your 1000-volume library and read quietly to...
I think it's something in the granola.
Are you saying you buy OTR sheets?
Do they also do pillows? Because I always thought the professional fluffer was a myth.
There are dry cleaners that specialize in bed linen?I'm sorry, I get enough of that sort of thing from my shirts. I am not letting my sheets get in on the act, too.
Kent, a lot of silver plate is junk and looks it. But some of it is very nice and well constructed. Your tea set appears to be in that category. Is it period or a reproduction? But beautiful in any case. There are a number of places where you can commission a carpet using traditional methods and materials. Personally, I would not get a traditional-looking carpet using linen and nylon as they are not traditional materials. You would be surprised at how hard-wearing a...
It would be just the thing to illuminate your formaldehyde shark.Foo, under no circumstances should you order this lamp. You know that it will arrive broken and dripping fat all over your carpet.
Forget the designer. To do it properly, you should keep only the "unhit" version in your living room and then hand your guests the hammer when they arrive.
Godot chair?
New Posts  All Forums: