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Quite something, but in sterling, a nightmare to keep clean. Even if it was .800, which is more common in Italy, you would need a "headboard boy" on staff to keep it polished up.
Is there a special Style Forum edition featuring bespoke tailors and divot spells?
Fact of Truth? Is this a sort of "For Great Justice" thing?
The best thing about this project is that, someday, it will drive some guy on the 24th century equivalent of Antiques Road Show completely out of his mind.
Am really looking forward to the part where you shear the sheep to stuff your own mattress.
And then, eventually, you get to where Gomestar lives, out in the projects.
LOL@oysters on the subway. Trying to get featured in Gothamist?
Here you go.You can also water ski in it, so that's a plus.
Your drug-dealing neighbors are probably just more sociable than the primates of Park Ave.
I was going to raise this point, albeit less graphically. If you only have one fireplace, make the focus more on how you will use it and less on furnishing it for the occasional social event.I really like fireplaces and, in the past, I've done what you are trying to do here. I eventually figured out that I was much happier concentrating on how I was going to use it, even though it looked kind of stupid and was sub-optimal for other applications. For a while, I had a...
New Posts  All Forums: