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Once again, SF -- and this thread -- are setting the trend.
You should join. I'm sure your field studies in the wilds of SanFo will qualify you. Ethnographically speaking, the Amazon rain forest has nothing on a Whole Foods Market in San Francisco.
All the years Patrick gave you and you toss him aside like yesterday's consomme. You'll be taking Foo apple picking, next.Well, all I can say is, I hope you like boiled rabbit.
I am sure his tie is from the Trump collection. And if you think PDM had anything to do with dressing Tweedledee and Tweedledum, you don't know Jack . . . or Mike.
What's the kind that blows through crosswalks that are full of pedestrians?
It's particularly scary when you run red lights, weave in and out of traffic, go the wrong way down one-way streets, etc.Much of this behavior seems to be motivated by a weird sense of entitlement. "How dare you run me over! You should be more careful around cyclists, you carbon-emiting pig, you!"Just today, there was an article in the Washington Post about a cyclist in Denver who apparently tried to race a street sweeper. He claims that after a while, the street sweeper...
In many American cities, there is enormous agro between bicyclists and everyone else. As far as I can tell, this stems largely from a massive sense of moral superiority on the part of many cyclists. This just doesn't seem to be a problem in many European cities. I am pretty sure this will be fixed in a couple of generations as the urge for brave, cycling, eco-warriors to battle planet-destroying SUVs for control of the roadways gets bred out of the population.
Produce bags? Wilted lettuce? What is wrong with you people?The "S" in SF stands for Style. You guys need to get with the program.This is an amazing product. But it is not recommended if you live in a high rise because your dog will likely try and defenestrate himself rather than be seen wearing it in public
No need to get carried away. Just put a basket on your Rascal.
The really funny thing about this is that she put your stuff in three bags instead of two.
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