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I think you might be going down the rabbit hole a bit with this. You say most people are just using a loupe, so any microscope you can plug into your computer and take pictures with is massively better.This is really just for fun and is a classic case where you get pretty much the cheapest thing you can and play around with it. You don't climb the learning curve with a $1000 piece of equipment when a $50 piece will do. It's entirely likely that you'll discover that the $50...
And you are waiting because . . .https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Microscope-Flexible-Observation-Magnification/dp/B00XNYXQHE/ref=lp_2742273011_1_3?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1472599619&sr=1-3
No! You, Fuuma? Never! That's just the kind of incredibly debatable nuance that belongs in a thread about Donald Trump.And the poster-city for the kind of paradox Piobaire is talking about isn't really Detroit, it's Baltimore.
That sort of reminds me. Is anyone at all familiar with this place? It's Damon Baehrel's restaurant upstate.http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/08/29/damon-baehrel-the-most-exclusive-restaurant-in-americaBONUS: Manton is featured in the New Yorker cartoon about half-way down!
Wow. You learn about something new every day. This is actually kind of interesting, in an OCD kind of way. I am strangely intrigued.http://daizen.com/hand-plane-competition-kezuroukai-usa/
I do not get the Shake Shack love, especially on a place as particular as SF. It's like if everyone agreed the best ties were from Brooks Bros. Yeah, they're sort of OK, but if you want to be obsessive enough, you can do much better. Why not at least JG Melon? Or Salvation Burger, which I haven't been to but have heard a lot about?
Gps not working?
Just dropping this off here as it made me laugh. http://www.holdingournosesforhillary.com
• greasy pizzaNo, but we did do hamburgers, IIRC.• no dancing in barsOh, please. This is SF.• ratsYes, lots. Lefty has turned them into a hobby.• manhattan = giant business park/food courtThere was some complaining about food trucks. No one complains about Manhattan. Almost everyone except for Manton and Lefty are hipsters and live in Brooklyn. Manton lives in Connecticut or someplace like that and Lefty is so happy not to be in SanFo that he hardly complains at all...
This summer, there is very little of the complaining everyone typically does about the heat, getting caught in torrential rain storms, getting stuck on miserably hot & humid subway platforms etc.. I miss it. As I typically suffer none of that, it gave me a certain amount of schadenfreude.
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