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I think I'll be the Gary Johnson of SF.Doobie, anyone?
Other cultures have so much to teach us.http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/homeowner-fed-up-commuter-parking-7352916BTW, How's the dog? I haven't read anything about his, ahh, adventures in quite a while.
Don't be like that. It's almost like having Manouche back. sniff
I see that Kim Jong Un's aunt is running a dry cleaner near Times Square. Anyone using them?
I don't know. That ceiling fan looks kind of dangerous.
On all of my non-kitchen knives, the bevel has noticeable "top to bottom" striations. They aren't microscopic. If you look carefully, you can see them with the naked eye. Some are quite noticeable. This isn't something I did. They came that way.I had assumed that this was a method of "strengthening" the edge. In other words, the striations provide support to the edge and keep it from turning so that you don't have to use a steel on it as often.Is this completely...
If you know a cheap way to ship furniture internationally, please let me know. I have seen some outstanding antique furniture go for next to nothing at auction. But packing and shipping turns out to cost several times as much.
I hope it does not violate the rules of this forum to point out that someone is making bunny ears over this guy's head and that it really completes the look.But, yes, a mid to dark blue blazer is extremely versatile. Dark navy is somewhat less useful as it isn't great during the day. Manton calls the navy blazer/khaki combination a "California Tuxedo." I don't know that it only works for people in college but it does seem to get over-used. For some kinds of things, it...
In Jermyn Street, in a basement, there used to be a Russian restaurant. The food was pretty bad but the restrooms were spectacularly bad, but in a good way. The urinals were in the shape of big, red lips and the toilets were cast in the shape of a naked woman. In the women's restroom, I am reliably informed, the taps were gold-plated penises and one twisted the balls to get hot or cold water. I think it's out of business now.
New Posts  All Forums: