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Am really looking forward to the part where you shear the sheep to stuff your own mattress.
And then, eventually, you get to where Gomestar lives, out in the projects.
LOL@oysters on the subway. Trying to get featured in Gothamist?
Here you go.You can also water ski in it, so that's a plus.
Your drug-dealing neighbors are probably just more sociable than the primates of Park Ave.
I was going to raise this point, albeit less graphically. If you only have one fireplace, make the focus more on how you will use it and less on furnishing it for the occasional social event.I really like fireplaces and, in the past, I've done what you are trying to do here. I eventually figured out that I was much happier concentrating on how I was going to use it, even though it looked kind of stupid and was sub-optimal for other applications. For a while, I had a...
You forgot something.http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/5-reasons-you-should-be-using-plastic-furniture-covers-right-now-201853I endorse this new, slightly humorous, slightly self-deprecating Foo.His previous attempts at trolling have been disasters, mostly because he ended up taking them seriously himself. Clearly, that's not the case here.
So semi-ConTrad. Got it.
Which are swimwear.
Who sold all you people phones without "off" buttons?There are a number of people I call regularly who travel a lot. Since they could be almost anywhere on the planet at any given time, I contact them up -- and vice versa -- without regard to the time. If they don't want to their phone alerting, e.g. because they are sleeping, they turn off their phone. If I wake them up, it's their own damn fault.
New Posts  All Forums: