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LOL.I put something in my basket about six months ago and it is still stalking me.
How very retro.Not the daybed, the CD player.
A friend of mine decided, as an experiment/extended joke, that, rather than post pictures of her baby, she would post random pictures of babies taken from the internet.No one noticed.
How old is the kid? If 3, this is both impressive and commendable. If 13 . . .
Semi?I'm sorry, but that is a total fail.Now, if that were one of those inflatable punching doll things, you'd really have something.
I'd keep him. He has such a noble profile.What's the new one?
It's not Matt that's pretentious. It's his dog. He always reminds me of Napoleon for some reason.
Oh, goody. It's been months since we've had a good foowreck.
I think you should try this look next time you are bringing your knives for sharpening.Especially if you are taking the subway.
While I admire the ingenuity, isn't that a bit much for a child's bedroom? Finding king-size Disney sheets can be pretty tough.
New Posts  All Forums: