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Dead edge?
That's good to hear. Why did he call you back, in particular? Were you the first one to call it in?I am sensitized to this because, years ago, I came out of my building to see smoke pouring out of the one next door and a crowd of people standing around watching. I asked one of the watchers if someone had called the fire department and he said, "I'm sure someone must have!" That gave me a really bad feeling so I ran back inside and called 911. No one else had called. I was...
Cheapest Property in SF goes for 350K
You are absolutely right. Nothing's more embarrassing than doing nothing because "somebody else must have already called it in" and then finding out that everybody else thought the same thing.
Who's the guy in the uniform? He was great.
Hilarious.But race has officially jumped the shark.
Much prefer the 1% cashmere version.
Word. I cannot tell you how much my aesthetic life has been enhanced by this. I can enjoy all these beautiful and amazing things with an almost Buddhist detachment. I have no desire at all to own them -- the thought does not even cross my mind -- so I can appreciate them simply as a thing of beauty, like a sunset.If I were a billionaire, I would probably hate art. It would all become too stressful.
Glad to see the Rainbow Room is open again. I thought it was gone forever. What were people wearing? Is there still a dress code?
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