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The good reviews are often worse than the bad ones. "I gave this place 5 stars because it's right around the corner from my house!" I love yelp.
+1 on the High Sierras. Wilderness camping around Big Sur? Well, I suppose if you want ironic hipster wilderness camping, sure.But the High Sierras are something special. Go East Side or go home. The western side is far too crowded in August. Mammoth makes a great base. There are lots of hotel rooms, restaurants and places to gear up there. Plus, you are literally a bus ride away from serious wilderness trail heads where you can start anything from a day hike to trip...
Communal seating. I hate communal seating even in those parts of the world where it is not pretentiously twee. If I wanted to dine with a bunch of strangers with dubious antecedents, I would have stayed in prison.Communal seating, artificial scarcity, pretentious smugness.If only they would make everyone line up two hours before the dinner starts, they would be SF in miniature, the perfect expression of the San Francisco zeitgeist.
Decent prices, too. I am obviously doing something wrong. I will have to start hanging out in supermarkets when I am in Japan.Just because people do something doesn't make it right. 100 years ago, some people used a sort of sterling silver swizzle stick to remove the bubbles. Using Moet Imperial to mix drinks isn't exactly a crime, I suppose, but it's still a waste. You might as well use a decent cava or a talento or even one of the sparkling wines being produced by...
You obviously haven't visited WAYWRN for quite a while.
That bag won't work very well for a suit. You need a suiter. If you will ever transit London -- and you will -- you had better make sure it fits strictly within their size guidelines, which are slightly smaller than those of many countries. London airports are pretty tough about enforcing these rules. Tumi makes one which they guarantee will work. I think Victorinox does as well, which would be a cheaper option. As for Ryan air, et. al. some of them have their own...
Heh. I have a friend who's an architect and who used to do nothing but shepherd various bits of minor remodeling and renovation through the SF planning bureaucracy. He claimed that for some houses in some neighborhoods it took up to a year to get permission from as many as half-a-dozen separate entities just to re-paint your front door the same color it was already.
Better him than her, I suppose.
How can you say such a thing? Stern is ModTrad, not ConTrad.
We did the plastic seat protectors earlier in this thread.
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