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This isn't just a problem in NY. Worse than their incredible send of entitlement ("Yeah, I did blow through a stop sign and cross four lanes of traffic. What's your point?"),. they have no sense of irony whatsoever. They complain bitterly about people driving their cars dangerously -- by which they usually mean driving more than 15 miles an hour and not anticipating that some bicycle will turn left from the right lane against a red light without slowing down -- but they...
Try the barbed wire version.
Exactly. For example, the round, staring eyes are not meant to be a faithful representation. They're meant to convey aggressiveness and general bad-assedness.
LOL. Almost certainly. In the UK, there is a chain called Byron's that is based on this exact premise. It's pretty successful, too.Coffee?
Then your problem isn't Ford Hallam, it's with Edo-period Japanese artists in general. Because that is a noticeably Japanese stylized rendering of a tiger.
Which is better I think really depends on what you're eating.With real Mexicans? Of course not. What an idea!
Excellent. It's almost a crime to stuff a really good, fresh flour tortilla. They should be eating by themselves.
Traditional Mexican, food, tacos, burritos, etc., most certainly is real Mexican food. But Mexican food is much more -- and often much better -- than that. Defining Mexican food as tacos and burritos is like defining Middle Eastern cuisine as falafel and shawarma.What we need here is a Venn diagram.
Yes, Mexican food can be awesome. You have probably never had any. What you probably think of as "Mexican food" is really Sonoran street food, which can be great, but typically not in the hipsterized "gourmet" version.Apparently, you've never had decent tex-mex either, which I guess is not all that surprising in NY. What did fajitas ever do to you?
Just curious as to what sort of room this is meant for.
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