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You obviously haven't visited WAYWRN for quite a while.
That bag won't work very well for a suit. You need a suiter. If you will ever transit London -- and you will -- you had better make sure it fits strictly within their size guidelines, which are slightly smaller than those of many countries. London airports are pretty tough about enforcing these rules. Tumi makes one which they guarantee will work. I think Victorinox does as well, which would be a cheaper option. As for Ryan air, et. al. some of them have their own...
Heh. I have a friend who's an architect and who used to do nothing but shepherd various bits of minor remodeling and renovation through the SF planning bureaucracy. He claimed that for some houses in some neighborhoods it took up to a year to get permission from as many as half-a-dozen separate entities just to re-paint your front door the same color it was already.
Better him than her, I suppose.
How can you say such a thing? Stern is ModTrad, not ConTrad.
We did the plastic seat protectors earlier in this thread.
If the food is as bad as the poetry, the patrons will be gagging in the aisles.Their menu is giving me a strong urge to eat buffalo wings. It's that bad.
Pick Up Stix, in California, has frozen yogurt. Does that count?
What added risk is that, exactly?Would it bother you if the "Anatolian village women" turned out to be 10 years old and currently living in Pakistan? Unfortunately, that's always a possibility, even if you're buying a carpet that has some sort of certification.The ironic thing is that Iran has arguably the best carpets and the cleanest industry. Due to sanctions, however, Iranian carpets can't be imported in most countries. So where they are available, there's a glut...
A reputable on-line carpet dealer? I think you had better resign yourself to the idea that WYSIWYG. Any extraordinary claims should be discounted by close to 100%. If someone is offering you a brand-new machine-made mostly-wool carpet, you will probably get what you pay for. If someone is offering you an antique 100% Vicuna, 2000 knots/inch carpet that was hand-woven by the Sultan's Mother-in-Law, not so much.If you want to buy something special, you really have to...
New Posts  All Forums: