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But it's not next to your hand, Matt. It's next to your right elbow.And the holder itself is a problem. Unfortunately, this isn't outside my experience. Because you are pulling slightly forward, the roll tends to fly off the end, especially when it is half-full. The, err, user, then has to try and reel in the rest of the roll and then sort of put it back together by wrapping the unneeded, unrolled TP back around rest of the roll. In your case it might not unroll very far...
I agree. The designer really should have shaped the live edge more artistically.
Whenever I am traveling, I always give them "Ozymandias". I make sure to spell it very carefully and I correct their pronunciation when I pick up my coffee.
LOL. Do you aesthetically evaluate the back of your refrigerator, too?
Maybe they intended to use it with a box spring, though I think that would look odd.The thing looks massively over-engineered. It must weigh several hundred pounds. Is this something you own, SB?
Yes, I'm afraid Matt may be losing his hard, gritty, SanFo edge. Perhaps we should stage some sort of intervention.
Be careful. This kind of thing is a slippery slope. Before you know it, you're chatting up vegans in Whole Foods and doing Tai Chi in the park.
Lol@people slinging insults about mirror placement.IIRC, you can only take abalone free-diving in California now. As they are effectively extinct throughout most of their former range, I'm surprised you are allowed to take any at all.
Nice room. A lot of light. How is the view?
Now that I understand the context, I retract my objections as all of those bugs are actually features. Whenever someone goes off to use the facilities, Matt can clue everyone in on what's going to happen. Soon, there will be colorful swearing from the powder room followed by gales of laughter from the remaining guests. It'll be sort of like a party game.
New Posts  All Forums: