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Very interesting to hear. Does this shop have a website? Do they ship?I have never looked for woodblock prints in Japan. In the places I have seen them outside of Japan they were quite expensive.On the other hand, now that I think about it, I have had a good laugh at Japanese scrolls hanging in galleries going for 20 times what you can find them for from less exalted sources, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised.Pro Tip: An antique tsuru matsu scroll makes an awesome -- and...
Unless there is some particular one you are looking for, let me suggest an alternative: Japanese scrolls.These come in various qualities but the antique ones are uniformly of excellent workmanship. The best ones are painted on silk but even the ones on paper are spectacular because the paper used was of a quality that no longer exists today. Acid free isn't even the half of it. These scrolls are still made and used today but the modern ones are (mostly) a pale imitation of...
Very, very impressive.Did you make the legs or did you find them already done? How are they attached? They are so delicate. Are you concerned they might be at risk of splaying?
This is such a beautiful, heartfelt, SanFo story that I just had to share it here. One of the highlights,Hold It!
If the alternative is rubber mats in your study, this sounds like a plan.
That's not because of your active social life. That's because it takes you three hours to cook a steak with your Anova.
I don't believe this. You need to send me a dozen sample bottles to make your, uhm, case.
Especially on Finger Lakes wine.
I am 100% certain that they will rebuild La Guardia.But I am also 100% certain that it will not be on-time and not be on-budget.I am 150% certain that, while they are doing construction, people will fondly recall the days when it could be unfavorably compared to a third-world airport. Because, while they are doing construction, it will be unfavorably compared to a third-world refugee camp.
I was wondering why no one commented on the announcement about rebuilding LaGuardia. I figured Manton was sitting in a darkened room staring at the wall, aghast that he now owes a debt of gratitude to Joe Biden but I had no idea what happened to everyone else.
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