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Obviously, you cannot use the same knife to cut a potato as you would a carrot. Manton's just trolling you,
July 20, 2015, a date that will live in infamy.
I think that's because they are an actual farm. Unfortunately "farm to table" has about as much actual meaning as the word "organic". A lot of restaurants figure that a farm must have been involved in the process at some point, so they're good.
What is life without magnificent excess?
I don't want to ruin your fun, but I think an 8k grit is on the order of 1 micron, so you are essentially turning your knife into a microtome. I suppose this does have the advantage of cutting onions with out rupturing the individual cells.
For some reason, this strikes me as the funniest thing I have read on SF all week.
These are the very best kind of scars to have. I advise you to make the story as thrilling as possible. I got one of my more prominent scars from, of all things, a cardboard box. IIRC, the last version of the story I told involved a small child and either a small shark or a large barracuda.
BTW, how is your arm?
Quite something, but in sterling, a nightmare to keep clean. Even if it was .800, which is more common in Italy, you would need a "headboard boy" on staff to keep it polished up.
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