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Are you going?
I have now done some experiments with meat and I am not as impressed as I had hoped to be. Sous vide certainly allows for an impressive consistency I can only approximate with conventional cooking and a digital thermometer. And you can certainly do a lot of tenderizing with cheaper cuts of meat that is pretty tough to do otherwise. I think this is where I've been most impressed. Sous vide certainly doesn't dry meat out and it retains almost all its moisture. But I think...
Especially since all the offices on Park Ave. have superautomatics in the break room.
Inflatable coffee shop?
I don't find Houston as a city all that bad. But transferring at the airport from an international flight is god-awful. I will go to considerable lengths to route myself around Houston. Both immigration/customs and TSA were consistently among the worst I have ever experienced, including Newark/LaGuardia/JFK.
Ah. OK. Now I get what you mean.FTFY
You would love San Francisco. Naked street people is one area where San Francisco is a world leader.
Anything in particular you had in mind or just a bout of angst?LOL. Too late. It hasn't been the same since Clinton put his office there.http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/real-estate/latte-change-harlem-article-1.1903758
First, "chick roast" is a really excellent typo. Second, maybe you ought to clarify the rules of this "BBQ cook-off".
CE is down the stairs on the left.
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