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I completely agree with your thinking here, but I'm afraid that it is extremely unlikely to work out the way you are probably hoping.Black cloth is, surprisingly, extremely hard to match. In fact, if it not from the same production run, it is almost impossible to match. Black cloth looks like black cloth, until you put it next to some other black cloth, when it looks completely different.There are almost an infinite number of shades of black, variation in shine and...
Jcol, What you want is a pair of chukka boots. These are the most versatile shoe there is. Nothing else can dress up to a suit or down to jeans. Sometimes there are called "George boots", especially in the UK and especially if they are black. $300-$400 gives you a fair amount of choice. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/footwear/chukka-boot/?page=1 Some of these are obviously too casual. But a "normal" black calf chukka boot looks works fine with a suit. Dark brown is...
In fairness to Foo, he's a lot more focused now than he was back then.
There are a lot of microagressions in this thread. I hope everyone will join me in helping make SF a Safe Space for everyone.
I would like to make a joke using the phrase "foobinacci sequence". Normally, I would be afraid that this might be too sophisticated, but I think the forum can handle it. Any suggestions?
I would make a similar comment about San Franciscans, except Matt would agree with me.
You are right. I blame myself for not closely monitoring this thread.We need to get this discussion back on track. How much drape does Sig. Paone include in his capes? As a stylist, does he feel that black capes are appropriate for business wear? I feel these are important questions that may help re-establish this thread.
That looks like what is sometimes referred to as a "kent collar". But, more generically, it's a semi-spread collar with medium points. There are an infinite variety of looks you can get by varying the spread of the collar and the length of the points. A few combinations have names. More often, they are named by manufacturers for marketing.
Not so much, really. The whole point of a factory is that you don't need artisans. You may employ workers who are highly skilled at a particular task, but in a modern clothing factory, whether in China or anywhere else, it is extremely unlikely that there is anyone who could actually make you a suit.I'm not complaining about the rent increases, I'm complaining that Abercrombie & Fitch moved in. Bleh.The situation in London --and on Savile Row in particular -- isn't that...
FWIW, Harvie & Hudson, which is both family-owned and on Jermyn Street, still does bespoke shirts in-house.
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