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You win. The few times I've done this, I've gone to a cutting yard and found scrap which could be cut to fit. On a couple of occasions, while I paid for cutting and polishing, they threw the stone in for free. It still cost more than $9, though.
What suit were you wearing? Maybe the dog really hates drape.Good thing you were there, though. It sounds like you and your jacket really did save the day, even if inadvertently.
First, you can't really attach legs to marble especially large pieces of marble. You typically have to attach the marble to some sort of frame and then attache the legs to the frame. Marble is pretty fragile and large, unsupported slabs can crack under their own weight. Having said that, you can buy table frames that allow you to drop in whatever glass or stone surface you want.Second, the price of clean pieces of marble goes up pretty steeply with size as does the...
That is a really terrible thing to happen! Will the jacket, err, I mean, you be OK?Seriously, though, that is really awful. Was the dog on a leash? Did you get bit protecting your family or did the dog go directly for you?
Next time I am in town, I am going to try and eat there just for the laughs.
Hmm. A lot of people have been saying how warm Foo's hospitality is . . .On the whole, though, that Amazon couch is looking a lot better.
If you really think that $30 for a hot dog at a hot dog cart is defensible under any possible theory or using any possible comparator, I predict you will have a very bright future and I would like to offer you a job.But his real crime wasn't the price, it was failing to post the price and then springing it on unsuspecting tourists. Had he tried that on too many NY natives, the hot dog would have ended up in thoroughly unsaleable condition and required medical extraction.
Don't be like that. Shortchanging an investigative reporter is pretty epic.
Only one way to find out.I'm sure Manton has something suitable in his Japanese knife collection for bear hunting.
I suppose, though repainting those walls is going to be a challenge.But the whole premise strikes me as being immensely vapid somehow.I mean, who does this guy think he is? "Buy the right suit?" Does he even have an SF account?!?
New Posts  All Forums: