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Something for your commute this afternoon. Maybe this will be a happier topic than the NYC housing stock.Germs of the New York SubwaySome highlights,Touché.
I'm sure he at least bought a pocket square.
Yes, I know. But don't get all business economics-y. It seems to upset people.SighNope, sorry. Cars -- and a great many other things -- are examples of substitute goods. If the price of a Nissan Versa gets too high, you can buy a similar car from Honda or some other company. Even though these goods would not be identical, they still compete with each other. So, while it is true that you can only buy a Versa from Nissan, Nissan can't successfully engage in monopoly...
wut?But I do get the point. Well, that one, anyway. You are willing to pay more because the drink comes with an experience. But you have to pay more because the jazz club can engage in a species of monopoly pricing. Paying more does not enhance your experience (pace Veblen). In fact, if you feel you got ripped off for drinks, you will enjoy the experience a good deal less.Housing should not work that way. Yet, for a variety of regulatory and historical reasons, a lot...
As far as SF signs and countersigns go, "Brown is for famer" is even better than the original.
That you are using Cambodia as a comparator kind of says it all.Yes. It says I've got to have somewhere suitable for my AE seconds collection.Yes, of course. But that doesn't mean that rats are a desirable feature. Once again, you can make the same argument for, say, Israelis threatened by rocket attacks and suicide bombers. Obviously, they consider the benefits of living there outweigh the costs. But that doesn't mean those of us not likely to be randomly blown up are...
Of course, pricing is driven by supply and demand and, as often happens when the government tries to "fix" markets, regulatory efforts to make housing cheap and nice have, in the end, made it expensive and crappy.But to say they should cost as much as they do but be much nicer . . . well, that's the point. People living in NYC have come to accept what passes for housing stock in NYC. But people who don't live there are aghast at what you get for your money -- and I'm not...
A round dinner-table is the most abominable article of furniture that ever was invented. I hope that Cunning Smeagol has more taste than to allow such a thing in his house. There is something democratic and parvenu in a round table.
Fail.The correct response was "Brown is for farmers."
From a non-NY perspective, they have never been sustainable. Bad, expensive real estate in NY is like terrorism in Iraq. If you live there, you get so used to it that it becomes just a part of daily life. But while you think it's no big deal, people outside of all that are aghast at the horrible conditions you live in and are feature you in "Save the Children" pledge drives.
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