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Very interesting. I kind of like the idea of a business model based on a sort of luxury placebo effect.What is most amusing to me is that, for my money, all chocolate bars are kind of crap anyway. They are tempered and often dosed with stabilizers and preservatives to make them tough enough to ship and to provide them with a decent shelf life. Real chocolate is made for immediate consumption and, when properly prepared, is closer to a religious experience than a food item....
You know, it would look even nicer if you overlaid it with some Carpathian Elm burl veneer and it would be even stronger if you carved little dovetails into the joints!Seriously, though, I admire your commitment but I thought the whole idea of Ikea furniture was that it was essentially disposable. On the other hand, this could be an opportunity. Is PimpMyIkea.com still available?
Supposedly, El Nino means NY is going to have a mild(er) winter.Given your track record, this means you are likely to find yourself in California for the next few months.
Yes, art nouveau, if anything. But I am even more dubious about fin de siecle "patio furniture". Outdoor furniture did exist then but it didn't really look like this.
First, that doesn't look particularly art deco to me.Second, I have my doubts that "patio furniture" even existed in the 30s.That looks to me like something from the late 50s or early 60s. Still very nice, but not exactly antique.
Is there one universal on-line code (and, if so, what is it?) or is it something that you had to receive in the mail?
Why do you think that one-button is "informal for work"? AFAIK one-button suits are no less formal than two or three-button suits. If anything, in that one-button suits are typically bespoke, they are on average more "formal."As for your original question, peak lapels are more rare than notch and, therefore, arguably more formal. As to whether they are appropriate for office wear, it depends on your office and your position in it. It is typically a bad idea to out-dress...
How long will you be storing wine in these drawers?
Who cares about the long-term preservation of art? This is SF where we worry about the hyphen in "anal retentive." I'm sure we could go on for pages about the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of framing materials. We went on for 20 pages about Matt's toilet paper holder.But you are probably right. Regular window glass blocks about 2/3 of UV light. Even if you frame with just regular glass you are blocking about 90% of the incoming UV.But the museum glass...
And a great relief that is to hear.Yes, exactly.What kind of glass did you use? I have never been able to decide whether museum glass provides enough additional damage protection to make it worth the extra expense.
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