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Who's the guy in the uniform? He was great.
Hilarious.But race has officially jumped the shark.
Much prefer the 1% cashmere version.
Word. I cannot tell you how much my aesthetic life has been enhanced by this. I can enjoy all these beautiful and amazing things with an almost Buddhist detachment. I have no desire at all to own them -- the thought does not even cross my mind -- so I can appreciate them simply as a thing of beauty, like a sunset.If I were a billionaire, I would probably hate art. It would all become too stressful.
Glad to see the Rainbow Room is open again. I thought it was gone forever. What were people wearing? Is there still a dress code?
Not true. Wedding ties, by definition, have a limited palette, black, white, silver, grey and, occasionally, dark blue. POW, sheppards check and houndstooth are classics, but there are lots of acceptable patterns. Sam Hober has several, for example.http://www.samhober.com/formal-wedding-silk-ties/Personally, I prefer a small houndstooth as I think it's visually interesting but not intrusive which makes it fine for things other than...
Wow. Your mom has a pretty serious jewelry collection!Is it my imagination or is the top not level in that photo?
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