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How old is the kid? If 3, this is both impressive and commendable. If 13 . . .
Semi?I'm sorry, but that is a total fail.Now, if that were one of those inflatable punching doll things, you'd really have something.
I'd keep him. He has such a noble profile.What's the new one?
It's not Matt that's pretentious. It's his dog. He always reminds me of Napoleon for some reason.
Oh, goody. It's been months since we've had a good foowreck.
I think you should try this look next time you are bringing your knives for sharpening.Especially if you are taking the subway.
While I admire the ingenuity, isn't that a bit much for a child's bedroom? Finding king-size Disney sheets can be pretty tough.
Why not? That's what a lot of bicyclists typically do.It's really more self-loathing than an actual complaint.
This isn't just a problem in NY. Worse than their incredible send of entitlement ("Yeah, I did blow through a stop sign and cross four lanes of traffic. What's your point?"),. they have no sense of irony whatsoever. They complain bitterly about people driving their cars dangerously -- by which they usually mean driving more than 15 miles an hour and not anticipating that some bicycle will turn left from the right lane against a red light without slowing down -- but they...
Try the barbed wire version.
New Posts  All Forums: