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That's a beautiful edge. But isn't it kind of wasted on a pocket knife? Kitchen knives are one thing, but I have always thought that "work knives" which might get used on a wide variety of materials should be "under-sharpened" if that's the word. Is that not correct?
I can attest that this works very well. I tried it on some white shirts that had developed some quite bad yellow stains. Normally, I would have just tossed them but I had had these made up and I would have been sorry to see them go. The results were impressive. And my experience is that you can skip step 4. I also didn't do any brushing. I just left them sitting in the super-concentrated Oxy-Clean overnight. The vinegar does make a big difference though. It doesn't take a...
There is little history of woodworkers taking credit for their work because they were consider tradesmen rather than artists. Medwed's commendable reticence aside, that was then, this is now.I'm sure you are more familiar with the various ways of marking your work than I am, but you are doing nobody any favors by not marking your work. Signing it with a pencil may be traditional, but it's not as permanent as it could be and, in the modern day, work like yours deserves...
I can't say that your blog really advances your quest for on-line anonymity.As for a maker's mark, you really should get one. Your work deserves it.I have a friend who got some small brass coins made up. Each one has a symbol he designed and they are numbered sequentially. He insets them somewhere where they won't be readily visible, usually on the bottom or the back. They look just fantastic and they instantly mark the piece out as something very special, even to someone...
SG, what are you using as a maker's mark?
You might be surprised.
The traditional best-practices dorm room approach is to build a "bunk" bed that has only the upper bunk. The bottom of the bed is typically about 140 cm above the ground. This leaves enough space between the bed and the ceiling to sit up and enough space between the bed and the floor to create a comfortable space to hang out and, ah, entertain.
What a great way to keep people from balancing drinks on the back of your sofa.
Now Lefty, don't be like that. Offer the man some help.Dear God. You are speaking from experience aren't you? What did you make them for?
It is really funny how these things develop over time. I never thought I would see someone complaining about patches in a quilt.You can get Chinese knock-offs for under 3k. But a lot of them substitute yak.
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