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Let me guess. Small, Medium and Large?
That was simultaneously one of the saddest and funniest things I have ever read.
For a while, it was hard to miss studying law. People would even go to law school when the job market wasn't so great on the theory that it would be better in three years and they would have a valuable law degree. In the current market, this just isn't true. Unless he's got a specific reason to go to particular school that has a particular program, he's better off saving the money and going to school in Toronto if he can't get into a very prestigious school. I'm not...
Not really true. The law school you go to can open a lot of doors. Certain employers only interview at certain schools. Many employers will not even consider a resume if it doesn't come from one of their designated schools. So it is much better to graduate in the middle of your Yale law school class than at the top of your Podunk Tech law school class.If you can get in to, say, Harvard, Yale or Stanford, you should go for it. The cache -- and the people you meet --...
Before there was Bumblee Man there were The Killer Bees.
This post is much funnier if you picture them wearing bee costumes.
I have to say that this does seem like a special reason that NY sucks. Extra-funky homeless people who live on the subway seem unique to New York. BART probably comes the closest, but SF, even with its large population of free-range mental patients, can't really compete. I don't think any other major metropolitan area, anywhere in the world, is even in the running.
Aren't you married?And is "street meat" some sort of euphemism?
There is absolutely no legitimate medical use for this stuff. It's really nothing but recreational use and everybody knows it.This is absolutely ruining the country. It may be particularly bad in San Francisco but it certainly isn't worse than it is in Colorado or any place else. I cannot believe that so many states allow these pushers to openly sell this stuff now to pretty much anyone wants it -- and I don't care what the advocates and "experts" may say. It's...
Don't be so condescending. After their 2008 convention, the Poughkeepsie Holiday Inn will never be the same.
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