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Yes. This is absolutely correct. The signal-to-noise ratio is incredibly low. Yelp is an expression of the modern fallacy that everyone should have a voice and everyone's opinion is equal. But some opinions are more equal than others. That's just the way it is.If most of the reviewers were decent, they would give lower ratings along with thoughtful commentary. The example you give is a perfect example of someone loving something for no other reason than that they...
Isn't that an awfully long cooking time for a steak? Even for a relatively tough cut like chuck?
The problem with Yelp -- or, rather, one of the problems with Yelp -- isn't the occasional negative rating, it's all the positive ones. Yelp ratings are a lot like transaction ratings on ebay where anything less than "AAAAAAA+++++++ seller! Great transaction! Prompt Delivery!" is considered a mortal insult. Logically, the average Yelp rating ought to be 3 stars. I'd bet the average is actually about 4.5. People are far more likely to rate a place favorably simply because...
Ah, San Francisco. There's something fishy about this story. What San Fo-living, flannel-wearing hipster would refuse to wait in a line to get into a restaurant? Typically, they won't eat in a restaurant unless they have to wait in line.The restaurant's response is much better, by the way, if you imagine the voice of the City Wok guy from South Park while you read it.
Did you go upstate yourself to source the ingredients directly from the farms or did you wimp out and get them from the Park Slope farmer's market?
On SF, you ask this?I can only commend to you the example of SG who wants to start sharpening his sharpening stones.
Rat hunting? Why come to San Francisco? Do the ones in NY return fire or what?
I claim to be even less of an expert than you are, but I do try to rely on semi-reliable sources.As you point out, there are a few strains of e. coli which are much nastier.But even these are not a severe risk to healthy adults.http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/e-coli/basics/definition/con-20032105As for how virulent e.coli is, that just makes the problem even worse, if you are accidentally turning your sous vide machine into a bio-weapons facility. You...
I agree. The food supply system is absurdly safe in this country. For example, trichinosis, which used to be a real problem, is almost completely wiped out in the U.S.. IIRC, there are maybe 20 cases a year in the entire country.Having said that, contamination does happen, especially e.coli and, to a lesser extent, salmonella. You hear about e. coli "outbreaks" as big news but exposure is actually pretty common. Most people will get little more than an upset stomach. There...
Timer + frozen steak?
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