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So semi-ConTrad. Got it.
Which are swimwear.
Who sold all you people phones without "off" buttons?There are a number of people I call regularly who travel a lot. Since they could be almost anywhere on the planet at any given time, I contact them up -- and vice versa -- without regard to the time. If they don't want to their phone alerting, e.g. because they are sleeping, they turn off their phone. If I wake them up, it's their own damn fault.
So you're going for something more contemporary-traditional?
Yeah. IKEA beds are much easier to put together. And, really, what's the difference?Having an interesting hobby is so plebeian. His time would be much better spent watching reruns of This Old House.
I think you can expect to see the above quoted back to you with astonishing regularity.
Coming to an IKEA near you.
Very interesting. Is this something that a normal plane does or is it a Samurai Carpenter kind of thing?Now I know he's trolling.Well done!
Don't forget the mirror placement. The mirror was an even a bigger scandal. I believe a couple of members quit over it.
Next time people are complaining that SF's best days are behind it, I am going to quote this post.
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