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That is also the reason that NY is amazing.The girl in the foreground is reading Ayn Rand.
Thanks for pointing that out. It is interesting, but incredibly depressing. Almost everyone of them is a fail on some level, often massively. I am clinging to the hope that they were looking for the outrageous. I mean, seriously? This guy is close and got by far the most likes of any of the pics I saw . . . which, I suppose, is sort of hopeful. The flash isn't flattering his tux, which I'm guessing is midnight blue, normally a very good thing. But look at the shoes....
I know that this is conventional wisdom but I am not 100% sure it is accurate because I don't think you have to cook tender cuts a really long time. I suspect that even thick cuts of meat will get up to the correct internal temperature relatively quickly. The temperature is much lower than in an oven but the water is transferring heat a lot more efficiently than air.And once it gets to the correct temperature, you don't have to hold it there. As Piobaire pointed out...
Very cool. Highlights?Free coffee?Coyotes have been in Central Park for years. You may have even seen one and thought is was a loose dog. They are very canny and adaptable, much smarter than in the cartoons.
There's also one on stoicism.Be sure and get there early so you can heckle Monique Canto-Sperber at her free speech lecture.Some of these things actually sound interesting. Though I suspect the talk on modal objectivity will not shine in its 4 am time slot.
Are you going?
I have now done some experiments with meat and I am not as impressed as I had hoped to be. Sous vide certainly allows for an impressive consistency I can only approximate with conventional cooking and a digital thermometer. And you can certainly do a lot of tenderizing with cheaper cuts of meat that is pretty tough to do otherwise. I think this is where I've been most impressed. Sous vide certainly doesn't dry meat out and it retains almost all its moisture. But I think...
Especially since all the offices on Park Ave. have superautomatics in the break room.
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