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I do not get the Shake Shack love, especially on a place as particular as SF. It's like if everyone agreed the best ties were from Brooks Bros. Yeah, they're sort of OK, but if you want to be obsessive enough, you can do much better. Why not at least JG Melon? Or Salvation Burger, which I haven't been to but have heard a lot about?
Gps not working?
Just dropping this off here as it made me laugh. http://www.holdingournosesforhillary.com
• greasy pizzaNo, but we did do hamburgers, IIRC.• no dancing in barsOh, please. This is SF.• ratsYes, lots. Lefty has turned them into a hobby.• manhattan = giant business park/food courtThere was some complaining about food trucks. No one complains about Manhattan. Almost everyone except for Manton and Lefty are hipsters and live in Brooklyn. Manton lives in Connecticut or someplace like that and Lefty is so happy not to be in SanFo that he hardly complains at all...
This summer, there is very little of the complaining everyone typically does about the heat, getting caught in torrential rain storms, getting stuck on miserably hot & humid subway platforms etc.. I miss it. As I typically suffer none of that, it gave me a certain amount of schadenfreude.
Yes, I was totally wondering about grain runout the whole time.Actually, I'm kidding. I had to google it to find out what it was. The first hit was on the Ukulele forums.
Sounds like the least funkiest funk group of all time.And the Four Seasons prices seem insane. 12K for ashtrays? The Campbell Apartment guy should have an auction. If he flogged off some of his swizzle sticks, maybe he could afford to stay.
My understanding is that one of the points of French polishing is that, while it is incredibly time-consuming to do initially, it is also incredibly easy to repair. Is that correct?
I agree. It's a real loss. About the last thing NYC needs is another hipster pseudo-loft bar/restaurant.I thought this was great, though.“Nor would he suffer wrinkles in his trousers, preferring to sit at his massive desk in his skivvies until an appointment required otherwise.“He sat there at his desk in his underpants, so as not to lose his crease,” as Manhattan author Allyn Freeman, the closest thing to a Campbell biographer, put it recently."That shows real commitment....
Well, I don't want to get all current eventsy here, but I guess the first question is, do public operators have all that much of an incentive to maintain and improve facilities? From country to country, some are better, some are worse. I understand the Taipei one is quite nice and it is government run. But publicly-run metros all too often end up in a nasty intersection between rent seeking and political imperative all overseen by a stultifying bureaucracy.I think one of...
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