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It could have been worse. Or better, depending on your point of view.
So very, very SanFo.
It would kill you, a nice tattersall shirt and maybe some moleskins?MC represent!
I confess to being disappointed. The plaid shirt is so S&D.
I don't understand. Why aren't you staying with Gomestar? Don't let the crack house next door put you off. It's all part of the Big Apple experience.
Shake Shack has the weirdest expansion program I have ever seen. There are two in London no more than 150 yards apart. I also ran into one in Istanbul.
I think you are putting way too much effort into this. It's New York, not Antarctica. Just book something and go.If you want to do all the tourist . . . things, it might not be worth it. I can see why no one would want to make a trip to NYC just to hang out in Times Square for the afternoon. But even a long weekend is plenty of time to take in lots of SF-approved experiences, like Shake Shack.
A friend down at the pub?
Pretty much this. Cheap patent leather shoes look cheap. Nice patent leather shoes look nice. No one is going to mistake patent leather shoes from EG for those PVC Frankenstein shoes people get from hire shops.Patent leather shoes are canon for a good reason. One of the points of black tie is that it isn't business. Shoes that look fine with a business suit muddle that separation. Black calf captoes certainly aren't the worse thing you can do but whole cut > captoe and...
The shoes are a real weakness. In most cases, I can almost go with spit-polished black captoes. But in this case, it's really letting the rest of the ensemble down. You put so much effort into the rest of your DJ. You really need to get some correct, patent leather shoes to go with it.
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