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CE is down the stairs on the left.
For a change, federal law is your friend.Feh. Guerrilla? Please. These poseurs are not fit to bear the name "Pussy". When they spit on Vladimir Putin while topless, get back to me.
Of course, there's always some risk but it's pretty negligible with granite and a lot of engineered stones. It takes quite a lot of thermal stress to crack granite. It also depends what you're cooking. If, for some reason, you had a giant pot of stew in the oven at 450F, maybe you might want to be a little careful. But a cookie sheet or a bread pan isn't a risk at all. Even marble, which is somewhat less heat resistant, is pretty tough. They make fireplace surrounds out of...
Not if you have Corian.Other than that, what Matt said. You don't have to set a hot pan on a countertop. But you certainly could. And with a lot of work surfaces, probably most work surfaces, there's not much reason not to. I mean, short of waiving it around in the air until it cools off, you've got to put it somewhere.
I don't have a problem with marble, but I don't think Corian is fit for anything except bathroom counters. It is OK with a pan full of boiling water but you set down something fresh out of the oven at your peril. Sure, you can put down trivets, etc. but I have a lot more interesting things to be fussy about than my countertops. I'm not a big fan of Charvet ties for the same reason. And, unlike Charvet ties, Corian isn't even that visually stunning.
Lol. Only on SF would you have a "rule for condiments."And have it kind of make sense.
I love these places. Half the stuff is labeled "NOT FOR RESALE".You're missing out on the ketchup deals, though.
If you are doing any serious cooking, don't get Corian countertops. They are way too heat sensitive.Those little hooves seem awfully tough on floors.
+1The presentation is excellent. If everything tastes as good as it looks, that must have been some dinner.
Why don't you get your own card? Costco is not exactly the Union Club.Heh. I have seen people from Italy get in near-violent confrontations with Starbucks "baristas". They are particularly annoyed by starbuckese. Watching a 22 year old Starbucks employee lecture a native Italian about proper coffee is a thing of beauty.
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