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The democratic side of modernism is now embodied in the smartphone.
So Eames is giving out free rocking chairs to pregnant ladies just for the asking?If I get a new job, do you think they'll send me an office chair?I assume SG has some pull at Eames because he's an onsite legend at SF or something. I am just wondering what, exactly, it is.
Wasn't someone looking for a rocking chair a while ago? It looks comfortable. I'm not quite certain how you are supposed to get out of it, though.
Not with black tie, surely.
I agree with the consensus. Opera pumps >> velvet slippers.Unfortunately, the modern world being what it is, velvet slippers -- especially monogrammed velvet slippers -- just push the envelope a little too far for most venues. Nothing about black tie should scream "Look at meeeee!". Giant, gold embroidery on your toes kind of does that.
Here, I think.
I have my Eames fiberglass knock-offs made by a guy who shapes surfboards, so it's win-win!I see what you are saying, but you're overstating the case. Modern Design ≠ Mass Produced.IIRC, we discussed the box a while ago. Not a fan.
Not the name, surely? It sounds like something that comes on after the Teletubbies.
Well played.
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