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It might differ by house, but at Christie's, for example, the auctioneer manages all four channels. People present at the auction don't see the on-line bids, but the auctioneer calls them out as appropriate. As far as I can tell, bids made in advance are treated as if they were a live on-line bidder while phone bids are treated as on-site bids. It can be a little confusing to tell where the bids are coming from in the heat of the auction so sometimes the auctioneer will...
Have you ever tried chasing a Russian spy through the back streets of Hong Kong wearing dress pumps?
Varnish?!? Where's your SF pride? French polish or go home.
Apart from general glass table loathing, isn't there a certain incongruence here?ETA: I see that Loathing has just made more or less the same point.
The fascinating thing is that even the originals are "reprints." The Japanese had -- and to some extent, still have -- a completely different conception of "art" than existed in the West.Traditionally, they didn't do "numbered edition" woodblock prints. They just made as many as they could sell. Sometimes, they made so many copies from the same block that the later ones are noticeably less detailed.They also largely lacked the idea of "authorship" that's been central to...
I think I know the one you mean. If it's the one down past the church, I've been in there. They have a reasonable selection of Japanese prints, scrolls and antiques but I wasn't impressed with their pricing either. There's another one near Notting Hill Gate that specializes in Japanese prints.The underlying problem with all of these places is that you can cut out the middle man quite easily. Japan is lousy with Japanese scrolls and prints where they go for a relative song....
As you are in London, I suggest you visit Sotheran's. It's on Sackville Street just off of Piccadilly. They usually have a pretty extensive collection in stock.Then, hunt around on-line -- someone posted a really interesting internet retailer in this very thread, IIRC, -- and then laugh yourself sick at the prices Sotheran's is charging.You can get some very nice stuff for £500. I think that Western-influenced Japanese art from about 1900-1920 -- like shin hanga -- is...
I think it was this thread we were discussing this in. This summer, The British Museum is going to do a Hokusai exhibition which will include "Under a wave off Kanagawa". http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/10/beyond-great-wave-hokusai-exhibition-grants-rare-glimpse-treasure/
Nice foyer!
Interesting. Is there a story behind the chain?
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