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Here, I think.
I have my Eames fiberglass knock-offs made by a guy who shapes surfboards, so it's win-win!I see what you are saying, but you're overstating the case. Modern Design ≠ Mass Produced.IIRC, we discussed the box a while ago. Not a fan.
Not the name, surely? It sounds like something that comes on after the Teletubbies.
Well played.
Does this work the other way? What if you live in a basement apartment?
Fine. Speaking in nominal terms is useful because I was just engaged in casual conversation and suggesting that used Rolexes are not nearly as inexpensive as I had expected. By speaking in nominal terms, I can avoid having to look up the inflation data, calculate their cost in 2017 USD, Euros, GBP and CHF, calculate the real return on no-date, Rolex Submariners as an investment, compare that return to the inflation-adjusted return on Treasuries and Gilts and then analyze...
Extremely, if you can't be bothered to do any maths.
That seems a bit . . . harsh.
This was a few years ago so I may be slightly exaggerating. Rolexes are the Hondas of luxury watches. They are nice enough, but they aren't all that. In my naivete, I assumed they would depreciate more like cars. In nominal terms, used subs typically sell for as much -- or more -- as they did when new, so my plan to pick one up for $1000 came to nothing.I'm perfectly happy with the Stowa, though. It's a perfectly solid, well-designed watch. In some ways, for my purposes,...
You're not getting into the spirit of the thing. Put on a warm sweater, make some hot chocolate, fire up the sous vide and roast some marshmallows.
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