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Produce bags? Wilted lettuce? What is wrong with you people?The "S" in SF stands for Style. You guys need to get with the program.This is an amazing product. But it is not recommended if you live in a high rise because your dog will likely try and defenestrate himself rather than be seen wearing it in public
No need to get carried away. Just put a basket on your Rascal.
The really funny thing about this is that she put your stuff in three bags instead of two.
This is a blow. I have always pictured you as a sort of Canadian Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was a lot of things, but he was not an interior decorator.Unless she wanted you to hook her up with a moose head and a stuffed tarpon?
Be sure and wear your best suit.
$50 -- even $18 -- for a bodega sandwich? You must be going to artisanal, hipster bodegas run by immigrants from Portland. IIRC, a chopped cheese is like four bucks.
That's truly shocking. Is that empty street parking?!?
Of course you don't wear a watch with black tie. You just check your phone.Duh.
I am fairly easygoing and usually ignore this kind of thing. Let a thousand flowers bloom, and all that.However, whenever I hear the word "evoo", I reach for my pepper grinder and look for someone to beat to death.
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