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Rag and Bone Knit from FW10, Size medium. Brand new without tags. Color is a blue-grey 75% Linen, 25% Polyester. Italy Yarn. $185 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by GrillinFool Thanks everyone. I'm sitting on so much content right now, because I want to ride this high for a while... So backlogged... dont let it get to your head man... remember where you came from
hookers and blow
hmm... not a leather tag? Interesting.
price drop
price drop
Apc Jeans American Apparel Tees Chucksorsdesertbootsfromclarks
big fucking deal
I tried on the chinos. I wear 29 in dior, and the 29 in the chinos were my fit.
azif, id get 30.
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