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measurements on the drkshdw jeans?
thank you, melwoesblvd price drop
Toronto. Today however is perfect.
too damn cold to smoke a cigar in t dot
yep size 1 is 44, mine at least
the one in my sig
Ricks Owens size M and Julius size 1 leather jackets, dior homme jeans size 29 and 30, and a viridi anne knit in size 2. Discounts available for multiple purchases. Photos (Updated): View Photos Rick Owens Leather Jacket Size M / EU 48 $1800 $1710 Shipped Dior Homme black waxed jeans 19cm (Lustre Reissue) from 07, Size 30 $600 $570 $540 $510 $485 Shipped Dior Homme 17.5cm size 30 Grey Mist $450 $425 $400 $380 $360 $340 Dior Homme 17.5 cm size 29...
try a cab from argentina, they are my favorite
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS spooning?!?! what are you a girl scout? give me a can of spaghetti oh's and a nekkid lady bent over with her ass in the air. +1
I'd trade for the same or similar shirts. Need a size larger in Viridi anne. Both of these shirts are in good condition 1. Material: 50:50 Wool/Cotton price: $240 + 4% paypal fee s2s: raglan, ~17.5" p2p: 18.5" length: 26.5" sleeves: 31" 2. This one has a cotton jersery layer underneath a wool shell price: sold s2s: 17.5" p2p: 19" length: 26" sleeves: 25.5"
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