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This is great. Any info on the lamp?
One of the better things I saw on TV in a long time. Hoping the quality does not drop after the pilot.
Did we watch the same movie? This was really bad. Terrible in fact. Insulting to anyone's intellect. Cliche plot, full of stupid stereotypes, unconvincing and quasi deep. Is there something wrong with me, or did anyone else feel this way?
So it would be fair to say that you do not present these provincial and municipal + an isolated tragic incident as a critique of a single payer government funded health care systems? You truly wanted to debate bad policy making (which happens way too often in Canada; we agree here) within the system and discuss what is wrong with these policies and what should have been done? My point is that irrational increase and distribution of health care funding, does not...
Because anecdotal evidence is always the way to go about proving a point, right? Sure, Canadian healthcare has its own problems, but to take US as a healthy model for comparison is pretty insane.
Yes! The only kind I use, I would like to say it is faster, cheaper and better - but who knows it might that it was the internet that convinced me of that. Muhle and Feather are my choices.
Downing in West Ham, Liverpool And wise investments...
In. Good luck to all of you!
I have had the Limbo IATA, 2 wheeled trolley for about 6 months. Up to ten flights, two intercontinental, numerous bus and car rides, checked in on smaller flights. Its corners are scratched, maybe a few scratches on the body but you can't really see them in seal gray. Latches work great, I like the packing system, wheels are perfect. Seems fairly sturdy, not b&r (which I also own) sturdy. It is way prettier and lighter. Not entirely worth the price but at that price point...
http://www.wienerphilharmoniker.at/concerts/concert-detail/event-id/518 Got the tickets. Unfortunately, this is not my 'great Austrian music tour' kind of vacation; it is more I enjoy these things and I need to get them in while traveling in that part of Europe kind of thing. I am still expecting to be impressed I will try to get some Opera tickets as well.
New Posts  All Forums: