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Unfortunately for me, the pants for a 36 R would be too small, even after alterations.
I don't think it will be there last. I think they have at least one more album due to their contract. I'm a little torn on the album. On one hand it's reassuring that they're still capable of writing really catchy songs (Undercover of Darkness), but this album, and the last, have sounded a bit self indulgent. Too many different ideas, a lack of cohesiveness. Also, Julian Casablanca's vocals sound a bit lost in the mix. This might be the first album of theirs that I won't buy.
Depending where you live, the suit will cost more like $250, than $150.
Quote: Originally Posted by Machete Hands you mind sharing where you got them, logan? Looks like you can get them at Groovy: http://www.groovyshoes.ca/Scripts/pr...idproduct=5573on Queen.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Have you even gone into The Bay recently? I haven't, but I have it on good authority (i.e. retailers and designers who know their stuff) that the flagship stores in Toronto have better selection than Holt Renfrew. Eh....I don't know about that. I certainly don't think The Bay offers a better selection than Holt Renfrew. Possibly a larger selection, but most of that stuff found at The Bay can be found at...
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Spent a few days back in MC so I'm questioning my judgement Honest opinions please. Too youthful for my age? : Gloverall Saint James Uniqlo DM A while back I said you should avoid wearing stripes, but here they look fine. It must have been how you had your jacket positioned the last time. Anyways, I wouldn't say it's too youthful, although maybe the bright blue Docs are a little bit. The...
I don't typically like women in mens styled clothing, but this girl looks fascinating.
Currently 40% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.
Dude, there's an entire thread devoted to skinheads on this very page. You should have just posted over there.
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