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The story lines from last season, if I recall correctly.... - Sterling/Cooper/Draper/Pryce struggled as a company - Don struggled with alcoholism and living on his own - Don boned a bunch of women, including his secretary, and some woman named Faye - Don eventually proposed to his other secretary - Sally Draper was depressed - Betty was a bitch - Pete became a dad - Joan became a mom. Roger is the father - The company lost its biggest client in Lucky Strike - Don went to...
Is you waist size actually 31? I'm not sure how low the waist sizes run. You'll probably have to size down, though. A size 31 fit me, but I'm closer to a 34 in reality.
He's right, though.This. Just add some plain white sneakers and a few shopping bags full of groceries.
I'd wait. In a few weeks it will probably drop in price. Coats tend to stick around longer, so wait and you might be able to get it for half price. As for colour, maybe gray. Last season they had a navy blue peacoat, but this seasons looks darker which I don't think looks as good.Fall lookbook: https://apps.facebook.com/cm-lookbook/I like the navy suit, but I think winter tends to have the better items.
Michael: Well, manager; we just say “manager.” And you can hire an employee if you need one. George Michael: Do you think I need one? Michael: Don’t look at me, Mr. Manager. George Michael: Right, it’s up to me now. I’m Mr. Manager. Michael: Manager. We-we just say, uh… George Michael: I know, but you… Michael: Doesn’t matter who.
It's March 2012, not next summer. They're already shooting episodes.
How is Omar a villain? And how is it that I'm the first to call you on it?
No, they're on there under "Camden", DRX-2027C.For those of you who order your glasses online, how hard is it to find out what your pupillary distance is? My prescription doesn't list it and I'm not sure if I can walk into an opticians and ask them to do it for me.
How is murder a better option? Kill Jesse and he would still have to work for Gus. At least if he went to Hank he could actually do what he was trying to do and get away. And he can come up with a convincing story. There's no reason to assume Hank will connect Walt to Gus. All Walt has to do is tell Hank he was confronted by the cartel and that they threatened him. Hank already thinks his life is in danger, and since they really were trying to spy on Gus, the idea that...
New Posts  All Forums: