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Just go to a local army surplus and get a black M-65 jacket. That's basically what he's wearing.
Believe it or not, a thread exists on this topic: http://www.styleforum.net/t/262744/jesse-pinkman-s-jackets-from-breaking-bad-season-4
So did mine!
You could use some images: Google search lists Volcom as a possibility.
Maybe if you're going to a funeral in a movie, but in reality people don't tend to follow this criteria. I wore an oversized black suit, white shirt and black tie to a funeral once and I was the only person dressed like this.
It's our universe in that while it has fantastical things going on, it's mostly grounded in reality. Like, you're not going to have Batman suddenly be able to fly and perform magic, or have some villain turn into a monster. Superman isn't going to make an appearance, or Wonder Woman. The movies are at least semi plausible.
It could be anything else. I've read a rumour that a young Bane will emerge from a pit of fire unscathed.
That's not a set photo, that was taken at Comic Con.
My guess is that the guy who tried to blackmail Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight decided to sell the blueprints, and Bane was the buyer.
On set pic of Bane:
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