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On set pic of Bane:
How are Khakis the next option down from black pants? You could wear any number of shades of grey pants. Or blue.
You could use a better hairstyle, though.
There seems to be quite a lot of clothes on sale at the moment. Some shirts for $19, some linen cardigans for $29, marked down from $129. I just wish their shirts weren't so long, and slim. I suppose they're meant to be tucked in, but during the summer, I tend to not want to have to tuck in my shirt.
Word from Comic Con has been pretty positive. About ten minutes of the movie was shown, and the tone is much more lighthearted than the trailer suggests.
It only looks like a video game because it's shot in a POV style. But I wouldn't be surprised if this shot wasn't to be used in the movie itself. The way it's done just makes me think it was cooked up specifically for the reveal at the end of him swinging towards the screen. Set photos seem to indicated that there will be a lot of real stunts being done, with a minimum of CG involved.
Thanks for the reply. It doesn't matter though, I ended up buying some Jack Purcells.
But was failing to clean the apartment (which he wasn't asked to do anyway) a killable offence? Or being scene at the crime (with other people, after the fact)? I really think Gus did have something to prove. Walt set a dangerous precedent by going against him. Gus's people have to know that you can't go against the boss and expect there not to be any repercussions. By taking it upon himself to kill Victor, he is showing 1), He's not happy, 2) This is what he is capable...
A lot of people online seem to think that's the reason he did it, but was it? Walt and Jesse had the nerve to screw him over, and managed to actually be successful. He has his hands tied now. So he takes his anger out on Victor. I think he would have done it even if Victor wasn't seen at the scene of the crime. There has to be consequences for crossing the boss. It's a way of showing them "if I could, this is what I would do to you". And it gave him back some manner of...
Hey, cool! I forgot about this thread. Did you just order them? Can I ask how much?
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