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+1. I find the clothes I liked the best cost the most, and even marked down, were still too expensive. Almost bought a fair isle sweater, but decided not to since I thought the sweater would have looked better without the pattern. Club Monaco has some nice stuff, but there's nothing I absolutely need to have.
He's indoors so he can use the mirror to take the photo. He's wearing the jacket so that people can see what he wore that day. Everyone here does this, what don't you get?
Does the 30% off apply to already marked down items?
I was thinking of doing the same thing on Saturday, but I'm not sure I'll bother. I'd probably hit the Queen Street store, then maybe the Eaton Centre, or Bloor. The best items might be gone after boxing day, but you could get lucky. Fall/Winter items were in stores for months afterward.
They did last year, so I'd imagine they'd do it again this year. I know some items are already on sale. The dip dye sweater is now $99 from $129.
The "you're a big guy" line helps set the punchline up.
No butt hurt here. I'm just saying this trailer isn't concerned about converting non fans. But I'm not sure what kind of responses you were expecting by creating a thread like this.
Look good, probably out of my price range.
The Lord Of The Rings trilogy is a mega popular and successful franchise that won an Academy award. It doesn't need you to give a shit about it. This is really more of a teaser than anything else, and it's assuming that enough people have seen the series that they don't need to get into specifics.
If polycarbonate lenses are out, what's the alternative? I know nothing about the different types of lenses available, polycarbonate just happened to be what the doctor had ticked off on my prescription.
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