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Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Glee meets Criss Angel? JK. I was thinking something more along the lines of "Perfect Strangers": "Uptight Gary's world is about to be turned upside down when his eccentric cousin Stavros leaves his native home of Transylvania to come live with him in the big city. Will these two crazy bachelors get along? Find out next fall on ABC".
This has sitcom written all over it. Someone make it happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Which winners? Cause YSL rollings would be instant win and DH boots would be maybe win. The Winners on College and Yonge. I was just in there today and there were quite a few YSL and DH's. This was the same Winners where I saw a pair of $90 Lanvin low tops. This particular Winners seems to stepping up its game. Was crazy packed today.
Quote: The competition's title is pants to start with... Esquire has been tripes for many years. Translation: The competitions title is nonsense to begin with.... Esquire has been tripe for many years.
Can't believe these guys didn't make it far enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by daspianist What a douche. I'd have threw some of your beloved Kiton at your face and asked you to pick it up (after all, its your job). Just cuz the kid is younger and making more money than you doesn't mean you have to be so butthurt about it.
Quote: jon hamm's emmy performance for next year? Maybe. He's doing some of his best work this season. Oh, and one other thing.... DRUNK FIGHT!
Five kids is a lot, but it's nothing crazy.
Seriously, is she doing a character or something?
"Before he speak, his suit bespoke".
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