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I was at the Bloor location today. I like what they have done to the place. Prices are still nuts, though. I've just realized that any time I post in this thread I end up saying that, but for a brand that is often described by people here as being "pretty decent" the prices seem too steep. $340 for a blazer doesn't seem worth it.
Saw a similar jacket in CM but in a blueish color. Nice jacket, but as usual more than I'd rather spend.
Ben Affleck to direct The Stand?: http://comicbookmovie.com/fansites/joshw24/news/?a=48678
Kind of a 1950's hoodlum shirt.
He also does a mean Synthese
Does anyone know if the McNairy's are exclusive to the U.S? I've never seen them in any of the stores in T.O, just Clarks.
What does this comment even mean? You're being vague, and rather smug.
You need to watch actual episodes, not random clips. Chris is a rat bastard. He has no sense of morality, if he did, he wouldn't be in that line of work. Remember how he tortured and killed Butchie, a blind man? Or the attack on that family, where a boy of about five years old ran away for his life? Had they found the boy, Chris would have killed him. Then there's the fact Chris trains young boys like Michael to become killers.
I was thinking that maybe everything had ended a bit too cleanly, but then there was that final shot at the end.... Also, Gus went out like a G.
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