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Their Beastie Boys was perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brittney which one I don't know because this is a mens clothing forum for men, and not women, and you are presumably not a man, but a woman.
I think either looks are perfectly adequate for an office Christmas part.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil I usually find jokes about recently deceased celebrities to be tasteless, but I feel like Giraldo himself would approve of this joke. Ditto. That seemed oddly appropriate.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Leave the one you're with and start a new relationship with? I thought this was funny but I'm not sure he got the joke.
Why is he having you wear a tux in the first place? You're just an usher.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeckBoy just you Not just him. Cardigan is at least a size too big. Look at the shoulders.
Quote: 2) Layne is a bitch. Dad decks him and he rolls on the floor like that? The foot on the hand and not attempt to fight back? Bitch I've been seeing similar such comments, and I think they're so unsympathetic. It's not as if Lane being hit by his father is the first time it's happened. Layne was probably abused as a kid. He's probably been beaten down verbally and physically for years. And his dad blindsides him by hitting him in the skull with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo New season started tonight. Pretty good panel and some funny ass New Rules. Jon Hamm didn't seem as stupid as I thought he would be. Why would you think Hamm would be stupid?
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