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For me, the problem with pants is always the length.
This is like when Saddam Hussein was captured. I'm just sitting on my couch, flipping around the dial, then bam! Osama's dead!
I was in their a few days ago and was surprised by how expensive some of the items are. A $130 for a shirt, about $300 for a blazer. It was the prices that used to keep me out of Club Monaco. I know it's been said before but it really pays to wait for these things to go on sale. Especially when in the sales rack I saw a $19 shirt and $90 tweed blazer.
If you're talking about the chinos, I think I saw a few colours the last time I was there. The grey ones at least.
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From 2009, I think:
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne I've always wanted a pair of Jack Purcells without that stupid strip of colour on the toe cap You could design your own, although I don't know how much that costs: http://www.converse.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy or put it in your back pocket? I used to do that but ended up wrecking some of my cards.
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 If you call around, you might be able to get one shipped to you. I picked one up a couple weeks ago for $15. Wow, that's all? When I last saw it it was on sale for $69, marked down from $98. Eventually I forgot about it. I don't know if I'd go out of my way to find it, but should I spot one I'd pick it up. I still see quite a few winter sweaters and such quite often being...
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis EDIT: for dr who - size down two on the 'kennedy' fit, the davis is TTS. I ended up going back and getting the Davis in gray. They fit pretty well, much slimmer than I thought they would be. But as for them being TTS, this was not the case with the pair I bought. I bought a 31 x 32, and the waist measured to be more of a 34. A real 31 would never fit me. By the way, does anyone know if this cardigan is...
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