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Quote: Originally Posted by waldo... Jack Purcell Racearound PH I was looking for those a while back, specifically a white pair. Seeing them in colour (my laptop is kind of bright, so white sneakers don't show up well in photos) makes me realize how bad those look. Quote: Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway I stumbled across these on yoox a while back... similar to the lanvin lows with the old, cp-style...
Not a bad idea, but I think there are one or two city specify threads. I'll start it off: Montreal - http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=200621
I think my friends care about how they look, but probably not to the point where they look for specific brands or clothing. A while ago, a friend of mine was looking for a new pair of shoes. Preferably under $90. Not just for work, but for all the time. So he has one pair of shoes. He can more than afford to buy a better wardrobe, I just don't think it matters that much too him. Recently I went out for a meal with them after a some of them went to see a movie. I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin ^^What hips? Might want to look into a little thing called body dysmorphic disorder. Really. No hips to speak of.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I would have guessed 34. Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I don't know, I think she looks like a 48 year old who got a lot of plastic surgery. Come on, she doesn't look that old.
Anyone know anything about Spring Court? I want to get a pair of plain, white sneakers for under $80 or so. I thought of getting some Vans, but I think I like the shape of the Spring Courts a bit more. Also trying to find a store in T.O that sells them.
The second TPB is significantly better, I think. I think Dizzy is going to be a tough role to cast. Had this series existed ten years ago I could see Michelle Rodriquez in the role. As of now, I can't think of any tough latina actresses who would be right for the part.
Was the shirt $80, or was it one of the $69 ones?
Let the fan casting begin! I've sometimes wondered who should be cast as Graves. Ed Harris would actually be a pretty good choice. As for some of the other characters: - I've always thought Cole Burns was modelled physically on Johnny Depp. Since he's too big an actor for the role, how about Jack Huston? - David Keith as Lono - Amanda Seyfried as Megan Dietrich - Bob Hoskins as Mr Branch That's all I can think of at the moment.
Pretty sure it's fake. If this is real, it's pretty lousy.
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