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I was thinking Dee Snider.
I found an old article on Lost and Found that said that they were planning on carrying Uniqlo. The article was from a few months back, did anything become of it?
+3. I just noticed this happening a day ago. I can't click back. I have to click on the thread title or go to a new thread if I want to get out of it.
It's a good thing I checked this thread because I had forgotten about it. I had bought a new pair of glasses two weeks ago but ended up returning them. So, the search continues.If Poly is not the way to go, what would you recommend? I'm sorry if this is something that's been discussed here already, but there is just way too many posts in this thread to wade through.
Very good read. Pretty good so far.
20% student card is fine if you're a student, or still have your student card. I'm not, and I don't, so I rely on the stores to have these types of sales.
Still, it's better than nothing.
Well today there was the 30% off sale, so quite a bit was on sale. I went again and almost bought something, but the store only has 1 mens change room, so I walked to the Eaton Centre, where of course they didn't have what I was looking for.
It's bad.
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