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Is there a non Brazilian version?I'm not sure I see the connection between Ze and Miles Davis. And If I recall, Ze only wears sunglasses once throughout the movie.
Were the pajama pants worn because they looked Christmasy? Why not wear the full tux?
He also wears Ervell and Common Projects. I get what you're saying, though.
Sorry, my post was mostly tongue in cheek. I recently read a book that was set in 1930's Berlin, that was about jazz musicians, so I've been thinking about the imagery it created. And I'm somewhat interested in the fashions from that era. But I'm thinking less flashy, three piece suits, and something more along the lines of the hairstyles, long overcoats, muted colors, etc.
I want to look like a down on his luck 1930's jazz musician just trying to get by and pick up some dames. But you know, current.
In that second pic, are you wearing a shirt over a sweater over a shirt?
+1. I find the clothes I liked the best cost the most, and even marked down, were still too expensive. Almost bought a fair isle sweater, but decided not to since I thought the sweater would have looked better without the pattern. Club Monaco has some nice stuff, but there's nothing I absolutely need to have.
He's indoors so he can use the mirror to take the photo. He's wearing the jacket so that people can see what he wore that day. Everyone here does this, what don't you get?
Does the 30% off apply to already marked down items?
I was thinking of doing the same thing on Saturday, but I'm not sure I'll bother. I'd probably hit the Queen Street store, then maybe the Eaton Centre, or Bloor. The best items might be gone after boxing day, but you could get lucky. Fall/Winter items were in stores for months afterward.
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