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It only looks like a video game because it's shot in a POV style. But I wouldn't be surprised if this shot wasn't to be used in the movie itself. The way it's done just makes me think it was cooked up specifically for the reveal at the end of him swinging towards the screen. Set photos seem to indicated that there will be a lot of real stunts being done, with a minimum of CG involved.
Thanks for the reply. It doesn't matter though, I ended up buying some Jack Purcells.
But was failing to clean the apartment (which he wasn't asked to do anyway) a killable offence? Or being scene at the crime (with other people, after the fact)? I really think Gus did have something to prove. Walt set a dangerous precedent by going against him. Gus's people have to know that you can't go against the boss and expect there not to be any repercussions. By taking it upon himself to kill Victor, he is showing 1), He's not happy, 2) This is what he is capable...
A lot of people online seem to think that's the reason he did it, but was it? Walt and Jesse had the nerve to screw him over, and managed to actually be successful. He has his hands tied now. So he takes his anger out on Victor. I think he would have done it even if Victor wasn't seen at the scene of the crime. There has to be consequences for crossing the boss. It's a way of showing them "if I could, this is what I would do to you". And it gave him back some manner of...
Hey, cool! I forgot about this thread. Did you just order them? Can I ask how much?
Next time he does that you should call him out for being an asshole in front of everyone. Seriously, that's a really obnoxious thing to say to someone, why are you friends with that guy?
What trouble?
I asked this in the Ask a Question thread, but I figured I get a response here. Does anyone have any experience with their tennis shoes? Specifically these ones: A local store is selling them for $125. I normally wear a 10-10.5 in a sneaker. The store currently has sizes 40, 41, 42, 45. Is a 45 = to a size 11? And if so, would these likely be too big on me? Do the sneakers run big or small, or are true to size?
He probably watched some fan made trailer.
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