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Quote: Originally Posted by Meis huh. Maybe its different in the US vs Canada. Seemingly no one buys their stuff here in the US, every time I go into the store I'm either the only guy or maybe there's a couple guys at most... so pretty much everything makes it to sale time except for the rare items where a store only gets a very limited number to begin with (ex the handknit cardigan they had this winter)... and the last sizes left are always the small...
Any time I wait for something to go on sale, it never does. Or someone has snatched the item up, and all that's left are sizes too big for me. Although Club Monaco did have quite a lot of clothes on sale. Bought a crew neck sweater today. The kind with a pocket. Was too impatient to wait in line to try it on, so I took a chance and bought it. It's a size medium, but the sleeves are way too long. Will have to return it.
Are Gap jeans known for stretching a lot? I've been wearing a pair (not every day) for a couple of months now. They've only been washed once. They're 33x32, straight cut. I don't remember the specific name, just that they have "1969" written on them. Recently they started to feel too big on me. I've been quite sick recently, so it's possible I've lost weight, but I decided to measure them with a measuring tape. I measured from the button to button whole and it measured 37...
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Same for me that's why I'd swap them out for a 32W or 33W and then have them taken in and hemmed. I find that they usually discourage that. At least they did a few years ago when I was looking for a suit. I think they even check at the cash register to make sure the jacket and pants match.
Unfortunately for me, the pants for a 36 R would be too small, even after alterations.
I don't think it will be there last. I think they have at least one more album due to their contract. I'm a little torn on the album. On one hand it's reassuring that they're still capable of writing really catchy songs (Undercover of Darkness), but this album, and the last, have sounded a bit self indulgent. Too many different ideas, a lack of cohesiveness. Also, Julian Casablanca's vocals sound a bit lost in the mix. This might be the first album of theirs that I won't buy.
Depending where you live, the suit will cost more like $250, than $150.
Quote: Originally Posted by Machete Hands you mind sharing where you got them, logan? Looks like you can get them at Groovy: http://www.groovyshoes.ca/Scripts/pr...idproduct=5573on Queen.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Have you even gone into The Bay recently? I haven't, but I have it on good authority (i.e. retailers and designers who know their stuff) that the flagship stores in Toronto have better selection than Holt Renfrew. Eh....I don't know about that. I certainly don't think The Bay offers a better selection than Holt Renfrew. Possibly a larger selection, but most of that stuff found at The Bay can be found at...
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Spent a few days back in MC so I'm questioning my judgement Honest opinions please. Too youthful for my age? : Gloverall Saint James Uniqlo DM A while back I said you should avoid wearing stripes, but here they look fine. It must have been how you had your jacket positioned the last time. Anyways, I wouldn't say it's too youthful, although maybe the bright blue Docs are a little bit. The...
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