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"Now we can try several positions, and all of them a compromise. Because the only thing I want to see right now is your boyfriends look of surprise" "You scream, as it enters your blood stream, erupts your brain from the pain these thoughts contain" "If you happy when you save 2 dollars a week, you steal your neighbours empty bottles and keep all your receipts, and only treat your girl yearly to McDonalds to eat, don't be ashamed, pop your collars man - holler at me!"
It might not be a popular suggestion, but try H&M. I know they sell 34's and I'm pretty sure I've seen some Long's. Give it a try.
"Don't doubt the clout, you know what I'm about, knocking niggas off, knocking niggas out" "To all rapper shut up, put a shirt on, at least a button-up. Yuck. Is they rappers or strippin' males? Out of work jerks since they shut down Chippendales" "Gunnin, hummin, comin atcha, first I'm gonna getcha, once I gotcha, I gat-cha"
Quote: Originally Posted by Gingahbman "I wanna see your support bra, not support you." ~ Big Boi Fixed.
I know you hate to be impressed with someone else, other than yourself. But you know trying to hold back on being an asshole helps.
Looks good I guess. Not really a fan of 3 button suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by TobinMarcus Dude. You know he looks just like Spencer Rice. Great show. Funny as hell !!!!!!! That actually crossed my mind.
Well your beard isn't that long. Do you use an electric razor? Either trim it down to stubble or shave it off altogether. Or go in the opposite direction and grow it even longer.
Your face is.....round, I guess. A little on the pudgy side. The way it is now you kind of look much younger than you probably are, because your face is so pudgy. Maybe you should try growing your hair long again? With your eyebrows you almost look like David Krumholtz:
Just wear something like this, although maybe wear a sport coat instead.
New Posts  All Forums: