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Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow boring You're boring is better than my exciting.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Seriously? Even if the quote you're responding to is actually about Rachel Dawes' death, Bruce Wayne's grief at the death of his parents is the central fucking theme of the entire goddamn franchise, how could you not know that? They died when he was a kid. I can understand that when they were killed he set out to become a vigilante, but why is he still grieving, even after becoming Batman?
Quote: Originally Posted by *#.. Wear contacts Unfortunately for me I once tried them on but found trying to put them in uncomfortable. I'm just too squeamish about touching my eye. Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT Lasik. Expensive and you have to be a good candidate for them. Being a diabetic, Lasik is not advisable for me.
I think you look better clean shaven but I'm not a fan of goatees in general. Too 1990's looking. Either go clean shaven or grow a full beard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Why didn't you just try them on since you were in the store? I tried on some of their slim chinos a year ago so not sure the sizing would be the same but I went down 2 sizes from a 33 to a 31 and it fit slim on me. I'd say the leg opening was 8". I thought about it, but once I picked up a 32 and thought they didn't look slim I didn't bother. Will try them on next time.
Briefly stepped into a store today and checked out their slim chinos. I didn't try them on, but they didn't look all slim to me, at least judging by the leg opening. Has anyone tried them on and know how they fit? Someone here said you have to size down, but by how many sizes?
Quote: Originally Posted by malaujai how much are the slim chinos? Thinking if I should make a trip out or not... The CM site... I think they're $49. Don't know how slim they are though.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Sunday: Penfield Uniqlo Universal Works Thorogood You don't fuck with Da Man of Kent. He will fuck you up so you no walk no more.
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