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I think I found the theatrical cut to be a tad dull, but I have often heard about how great the Directors Cut was.
Yeah...I don't know about that.
Um, maybe it's because of how you're standing but it looks kind of terrible. The shoulders look too big, the pants are billowy, and the jacket seems to have no shape.
I don't if it's because of the camera angle, but something looks a bit...off here.
Sure, but the patent in question is obviously based on those Back to the Future sneakers. If people see Nike is trying to develop sneakers based on the concept used in the movie, then a year later are about to release replicas of the same sneaker, I think it's reasonable for people to be a bit disappointed that they won't have that technology. Still, it's for charity, so I guess that's all that matters.
It's kind of annoying that Nike has apparently a patent for power lace sneakers, yet these won't have them.
Great episode tonight.
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