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It's hard to say. Michael has a funny relationship with Tom. He's usually not as warm to him. When Tom sees Michael at the wedding, Michael's first instinct is to shake his hand, while Tom goes in for the hug. I think there might even be some slight resentment towards Tom, since he would talk about Michael's future with Vito. Still, he kept him at a distance since Fredo, his own brother, betrayed him.
Isn't it just a baseball/varsity jacket?
I guess it's better than not finding help at all, but I kind of prefer the H&M approach. You can go there and browse and still feel anonymous. .
Anyone else kind of turned off by the friendliness of CM employees? Often I just want to browse, then some guy asks me if I need help with something, then I feel awkward. At the Eaton Centre one of the guys asked me if I needed assistance twice. I kind of just want to be left alone.
How much time does the initial meeting with Solozzo take place after the wedding? It's possible that there was no plan then. Or, perhaps a plan had been in place, but the other Dons realized they needed the Don's political connections before they went ahead with it?
He's just a hard ass so that no one will suspect [[SPOILER]] .
Probably Uniqlo.
I think so, yes.
How old is too old to suddenly become a skinhead? I think this might be old news, but It seems as if Lars Frederiksen of punk band Rancid has given himself a new, somewhat skinhead inspired look :
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