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Svensson Doucal By the way, what's your price range?
Quote: Originally Posted by exhaze I, too, aspire to become John Locke when I am of age. More of a Charles Widmore vibe, no?
Did anyone else read the title of this thread with Jerry Seinfeld's voice in mind?
PF Flyers Cousy:
First look at Hardy as Bane:
They both look clean, so what are you after? If it's more of a classic baseball cap feel, go with the SF. If it's a more of a Super Mario's lesser known brother Nario, go with the N.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Apparently it got booed at Cannes (or whatever festival just passed). I don't think that means much. It's sort of become a tradition for films to be booed at Cannes.
Quote: Originally Posted by zach_a JP Racearounds, then, if you're not feeling the toe-cap... Very comfortable, especially for Converse Are these sold worldwide? I know a few stores that sell JPs, but they're the ones with the toe cap. The only others I've seen close to these are the navy and brown leather ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Looks like summer is pretty much here. The Talented Mr Ripley.
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Hey-- I rather use such money for a new pair of trickers/alden, so I guess I'll pass on MMM. Do they still make the those Adidas GATs, they don't look to shabby. I was also looking at the all white samba, as they kind of resemble GATS. Finally what's the deal with the GATS found on the German EBAY? Who produces them? Will they hold up? Cheers Check these out:...
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