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Hopefully you like that look on someone older. She's fifteen.
Has anyone heard of/tried Bon Look?: Apparently I would only be able to get frames, not lenses due to a province restriction. Can I just go to an opticians and ask them the put in my prescription? I can't remember the last time I just got a prescription and not bought frames at the same time.
Have you tried Groovy?
Judging by the rolled up sleeves, it looks like you want a shirt with a shorter sleeve than that. Try Ben Sherman:
I believe this would be the first.
So apparently the site won't be operational until March 26, and that's in the U.S. Canada will have to wait until April 11.
Out of curiosity, where in the Bay is the "White Space" located? You're not just talking about that mens section opposite Topman, are you?
This. It definitely seems like an act, unless the actor who plays him is just a bad actor:I don't doubt that Randy has become a bit hardened, but he is known for having a reputation of being a snitch. And the fact that he was taken to a room in the house to talk to a detective would make him want to make it clear to anyone who thought otherwise that he isn't talking to the police, even when no one is really outside to overhear the conversation.
I don't think Randy will wind up selling drugs on a corner either. He's know as being a snitch in his own neighborhood, and even the other guys at the group home found out. That's why when Bunk goes to see him, he's acting tough, and makes a point of letting everyone within ear shot that they need to keep the cops away from him. It's all an act. Depending on how things work out in the group home, I could see him committing petty crimes and being in an out of prison as a...
Saw the new collection at Bloor. Was browsing through it and was told that it could be arranged for me to buy a piece early, if I so desired. Said no thanks, as I didn't really see anything I wanted, plus I'm not sure I'd buy at full price if I did.
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