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At least they do go on sale quite regularly. The thing is, once they do, you need to pounce on that shit, because everyone else is waiting for the price drops just as you are.
Try the Queen location. I think I might have saw some there. Although I was disappointed in the last shirt I tried on. Even sizing down, it still felt boxy.
Are no nose pads really a deal breaker? Plastic glasses don't tend to use them, and I don't find them any less comfortable.Also, where do you live? They might be available in your city.
Kind of funny that you would say thanks. It's like "haha, thanks! I built her myself!". He's not complementing you.
You definitely would need to go back a few months to find a fit pic of his worth talking about. But I think he's comfortable with where he's at when it comes to clothing, and while he does formal very well, I have a feeling he's not the type of guy who needs to be in a suit and tie. He kind of reminds me of an older Mellow Fellow in that he has reached that sweet spot where he dresses in a simple, yet distinct way, wearing exactly the type of clothes he wants to be wearing.
No, I sized up on mine as well. They're a bit loose at first, but grow more comfortable the more I walk around in them.
If the the price is in red, I think that's as low as it gets.
I just cut mine tonight! I ended up taking too much off the top, and too much off the sides, though. I should have gone up a longer size for both. The thing is, if you're thinking of going relatively short, it's not too hard. You just need to start with a longer setting, than work your way down. But I think a Don Draper hairstyle would be too difficult to cut on your own.
Trying to suggest the tackiness of turning Jesus into a piece of jewelry?
At your service: http://www.contactsandspecs.com/salt-optics/Salt-Optics-Townsend-11902.aspx
New Posts  All Forums: