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Quote: Originally Posted by softy i will never get behind the mellow cuff roll. +1. I guess that's his own style quirk, but it makes his legs look short.
Thanks for the help! I found a store in T.O that sells one for about $70, although their site didn't say who makes it.
I thought this might be a good spot to post this. Does anyone know why Harrington jackets seem to be so expensive? Just looking online I come across jackets going up to $300. That seems like a lot to pay for a cotton jacket. I like the look of the jackets, and want to get a new jacket when spring comes around, but don't know if I want to spend that much on one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I'd rather see guys who werent actually skinheads dressing in smart skinhead attire, than see guys who claim skinhead be scruffy cunts TTS I think that what herzzreh is getting at is would someone who started sporting a short haircut, Doc Martens, and a Fred Perry shirt but who didn't listen to ska or consider themselves to be a skinhead, be seen as a poseur? I guess there might be a fear of being...
The H&M at the Eaton Centre still have a few pieces left. Yesterday I saw a few cardigans and I think I saw the jacker Watchaholic was talking about in his last post.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y another uninspiring mike868y fit. wondering what kind of footwear would go in a fit like this. I know the pants are mad long, getting them hemmed this week. Maybe it's because you have your hangs in your pockets and that's throwing off your look a bit, but I think you could use a slimmer pant. Something like this seen here: Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 Right now...
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow i haven't worn blue jeans in 3 years. Took out a pair of apc jeans. Reminds me of:
Very rarely, although I think my imune system is week, as I always feel really terrible when I have a cold. And I get colds pretty often. But I would bet the people who say they get the flu once or twice a year probably only have a bad cold. When your nose is running (which is always the worst part for me) and you feel tired, and your body aches, it can make you feel pretty miserable.
Quote: Originally Posted by boogaboogabooga I'll throw in my 2 cents. I'm thinking Big Sean will be an amazing mc. Also, there is this Canadian guy right now... and if he just became a better editor and changed his flow up a bit more he'd be a contender for next great mc. I think it's Shad, Shadd, or Shadk or something. It's Shad, sometimes known as Shad K. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the...
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