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Out of curiosity, is the sweater from the Gap? I think I have that same one. . If it is, I think you should have sized down on it. It's kind of a bulky sweater, and stretches quite a bit. Also, it looks like you're rolled it or tucked it in, which makes it look even bulkier. Shrinking it in the wash might bring it down to size. As someone else mentioned, the shirt isn't that great, and you'd be better off with a more sturdier collar. I think a white button down might look...
Try going for a modern version of Buddy Holly.
Of course it was the point. Just look at Don's expression at the start. "I could see his soul leave his body".
Hopefully you like that look on someone older. She's fifteen.
Has anyone heard of/tried Bon Look?: Apparently I would only be able to get frames, not lenses due to a province restriction. Can I just go to an opticians and ask them the put in my prescription? I can't remember the last time I just got a prescription and not bought frames at the same time.
Have you tried Groovy?
Judging by the rolled up sleeves, it looks like you want a shirt with a shorter sleeve than that. Try Ben Sherman:
I believe this would be the first.
So apparently the site won't be operational until March 26, and that's in the U.S. Canada will have to wait until April 11.
Out of curiosity, where in the Bay is the "White Space" located? You're not just talking about that mens section opposite Topman, are you?
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