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Would having the online store really affect sales that much? Really, all it does is give you another option for buying their clothes. The only advantage would be in clothes going on sale, and people snatching them up online, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't still find stuff on sale in the actual stores.
Right here: The placeholder is still up, which is why you can't find it right away.
So the online store is now up for Canada. Site looks nice, sparse design. It's handy to know the names of certain items and have the prices readily available. Hoping for a sale in the next month or so.
Nice pics, but I think when you get older you should change your hairstyle to maybe something a bit more grown up. Think Tony Leung in In The Mood For Love:
Sorry, that looks like a clubmaster to me.
April 11th.
No it wouldn't. Hair is fine.
And they won!Brutal game to watch, though. Rajai Davis botching the bunt is the stuff of nightmares. He just....stood there, frozen at home plate, until he realized "hey, I can actually run to first base!".Also, should I ever go to a home game and see Omar Vizquel stepping up to the plate, I'm totally gonna shout "Omar comin', yo!".
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