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I wish more posters were like him.
So, see you here next week?
I think the only legitimate choices are Glenn and Morgan. But I think it will ultimately be Glenn. While Daryl dying would be the ballsier move, I feel like with where the story is at, they need to keep him alive. Consider that Dwight stole his crossbow. From a narrative standpoint, it would make sense for Daryl to ultimately get that crossbow back. I don't think it will be Maggie, as Lauren Cohan has made comments about the finale that make it sound as if she'll still be...
I tried on an AMI topcoat, recently, and I'm pretty sure it was one of the oversized coats. The wool felt thin, and I don't think the oversized look works for me.
This was better. Yes, Vince resurrected the competition, but he was head and shoulders above the other guys in the contest. These guys were not only coming up with new dunks, they were doing it with amazing athleticism, and doing it on the first attempt. That's why, even though Gordon was robbed, it's hard to completely hate on Levine, since he was still doing some pretty great dunks.Come on, it was fun. Don't be a buzzkill.
Two brothers...separated at birth...find themselves reunited on opposite sides of the law...Rais isSEEING DOUBLE
I liked that photo. Makes him look like an oil painting.
[[SPOILER]] Is the Acne coat lined or unlined?
Coat looks a tad big on you.
You kind of look like some dashing WWII fighter pilot.
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