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You kind of look like one of the robbers from A Christmas Story:
More like, "What's that ring, Margiela?"
I've probably said this before in another post, but they nailed the costume. I think it's one of, if not the best, superhero costumes seen in a movie in a good while. On first glance it looks like the Raimi costume, but the webbing is less distracting, and the larger eyes make it look like it was ripped from the comics. And I also feel he manages to sell the character in a way Maguire never really did. The suit just looks better on his physique, which is taller, more...
1. Go to JCPenney and buy their army trainers.2. Dye gray portions white. Then get some paint, a brush, and go nuts.3. ????4. Profit
'Cause he's a buzzkill.
I suppose you are unfamiliar with the Van Buren Boys?They are named after Martin Van Buren, eight President of the United States. They all have gang names that incorporate the name "Van Buren". This is their leader:
Hey guy, you started it:
I don't know, I found her annoying when she first started posting, but since she looks to be struggling with some obvious health issues (anorexia?) I feel like maybe it's better not to engage in mocking her.
Those are some blindingly white sneakers.
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