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I had been wondering if you had changed to a job that allowed for a more relaxed dress code.
That only works when you're signed in.
Cosby sweater.
You mean to tell me it's not Art I shard?
Out of curiosity, where does your avatar come from? Because it looks just like you. Is it an illustration of a past fit?
I suspect without the background jazz these videos would appear even more tense than they already are. You'd hear the air conditioning kicking in, a dog barking in the background outside, a lawnmower. All while these two guys prattle on about trouser length, or the right way to fold a pocket square, or their thoughts on Japanese denim (hint: it's great!). The lack of music would only highlight the insanity of their mundane conversations. Like an existential horror movie.
If it smells, or if there are noticeable stains, or I've been sweaty, I wash it. But if not, I don't. None of my clothes are really expensive, but usually I just use cold water and hang dry. Sometimes I'll put sweaters in a bucket if I'm worried about them shrinking. But I'm not using a washboard, or anything. If I'm confident my shirts won't shrink, I'll use warm or hot water. In general, shirts need washing more often (well, not including socks and underwear).
Are there people whow wash their jeans after each wear?
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