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Great imagery, and performances, although I suspect it wouldn't be everyone's taste.
Someone should start a "where are they now?" thread. There are a lot of posters who abruptly stopped posting, never to be heard from again.
If The Simpsons had ended, say, around season 8, it would be my favourite show of all time. But since it's gone on for so long, I feel the need to specify seasons 3-8.
Thank goodness he's drawn attention away form my t-shirt
H&M collaborations?I'm not sure that's a fair comparison. How many of you have to wait in a long line to buy the clothes you want? Really, the biggest worry when buying clothing is not getting it now, it's not getting it at all because your size has been completely sold out. Or that jacket you want is from a limited run. LIke someone said, it's not like the iPhones are going to run out.Speaking of, what is the lifespan of an average iPhone? How often do you need to buy a...
I think that first model doesn't do any of the clothes justice.
Out of curiosity, will you still have time for fashunz?
Oops, I just skimmed his post, I thought he was the one wearing it. I imagine the real model is this guy:
From the waist down, you look like you could be in your 80s.
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