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Out of curiosity, how many coats and jackets do you own?
You're so wrong on every count, where to begin?
Best Bene fit in a while. Better direction, too.
A few pieces now available at Working Title: http://workingtitleshop.com/collections/stephan-schneider
I've seen some of you casually drop the n-word, and no one says shit.
As far as I know, where we are in the show would be about volume 12 of the comics, just going by the synopsis I've looked up . And I believe the comic series is currently in the mid twenties.
She's just pretending to be some mild, unassuming woman, who has lost her dear husband. Presumably, the locals would then be more likely to trust her and not think she has any ulterior motives. So if Alexandria turns out to be more than it seems, all eyes will be on someone like Daryl, or Rick, not her.
This joke deserved more recognition, although maybe not everyone is familiar with the reference?"FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT GAY!"
I think the passive aggression was warranted, in this instance.
I think it's pretty obvious this is the case. The promo for the next episode seems to confirm this, where Rick tells her that all eyes are on Daryl, and so no one is looking in her direction.
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