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I don't think there is an official date. Sometime in 2015, I think.
These cats look like they have attitude.Ya think you're better than me, cats?!
Forget it, Jake, it's SnoopytownAnd in only 23 posts. No awkward "trying to find his style" newcomer phase.
"Don't be afraid to use your nails, boys!"
I like the color. It wasn't reissued, was it?
I don't, but I remember him once selling a bunch of his clothes after going through a breakup. Looking through his instagram I get the impression he has maybe gone through a breakup and it's made him become nostalgic, and wistful, and his photography sort of embodies that. Of course, I could be way off base. Still, it's not just his captions that are sad and lonely, his photos feel that way too. His photography strongly reminds me of the paintings of Geoffrey Johnson.
Well he has the sleeves rolled up as it is.
I don't get it. Why are you guys intentionally shitting up the thread?
Well, I don't disagree.
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