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Right, but would anyone have ordered and tried it on, yet?
Uniqlo U is only available in Toronto, Paris and Tokyo, so far, so don't expect anyone to have tried them, yet.The line is crazy long. I'm seeing photos where the lineup stretches to the Canadian Tire.
Not only that, but according to this article:You can see some of the collection in the photos
Toronto's first Uniqlo opening this Friday. Can't wait:
Really enjoyed this. Gosling was quite funny, Whole movie was, actually.
Ugh, don't do the man bun, I'm seeing way too many guys walking about with that stupid haircut.
Nah, more like fuckin' Donaldson. Two errors in that inning.
While I did enjoy it for the most part, I feel it's at times playing things a bit too subdued, to the point it sometimes felt like watching two different movies at the same time. As well, Patrick Stewart i's so understated that his performance doesn't feel big enough for the movie, and the antagonists never quite feel as threatening as they should be, which ultimately does the movie a disservice.
He's actually from the future:
Thoughts on Uniqlo U line?
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