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It's not an "AIDS post", it's a Charlie Sheen post. Where else would you post this?
Just want to say, how cool it is that you get to type in things like "Snowman Oxford", "Snowman Cropped Trousers".
Sand people.
Well fuck you too.
[[SPOILER]] Out of curiosity, did you accidentally leave the guard off of the clippers, or did you purposefully cut it that short?
So, there's a grainy cell phone video of footage filmed during the season finale, that' s floating around online. Looks like someone on set filmed off of a monitor. AMC apparently has been taking these videos down, so it's the real thing. The footage is [[SPOILER]]
Could have at least used this shot from the show:
Not so fast: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/rumor-walking-dead-casts-justifieds-garret-dillahunt-as-negan
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