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I think it's October 14th.
It was a can, not a bottle. Not that that makes it okay. Still, fucking Edwin!!!
I was in there over the weekend, hoping to get a look at the hand made coat. I didn't try it on, but it felt cheap to the touch, unfortunately. So, I'd say it be closer to Zara quality. A lot of poly blends.
I checked out the Uniqlo store today, my first time being in one. People are still lining up just to get in, but the wait wasn't too long (about 5 minutes). My impressions: - Uniqlo U is pretty disappointing. I tried on the chesterfield, the one piece I most wanted from the collection, but as others have noted, the quality sucks. It was like felt, and half lined. I suppose it would be fine in the Spring, or if you live a warmer climate, but for a Toronto winter it would...
You look like a Banksy stencil come to life.
Chesterfield looks good, but would you agree with a previous poster that the quality isn't good?
I fully intended to check out the store, but like hell I was going to line up just to get in. Hopefully things will settle down next week. For those of you that braved the line up, how long did you have to wait? .
Yeah, but I just told you, it's only available in three cities, so far.
Tons of photos of the new store:
Right, but would anyone have ordered and tried it on, yet?
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