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Lefty, if you can't even recognize the good episodes, the show isn't for you.
Those are the words you often see in unfortunate style blogs.
You should check out a store in Toronto called Off the Cuff: http://offthecuff.ca/https://www.facebook.com/offthecuffmenswear?viewas=0&sk=app_2373072738&filter=1The store sells gently used (in some cases, new with tags) clothing, and you might be able to find some Engineered Garments pieces there:Last time I was there they were selling an Engineered Garments Bedford jacket for like $150. The store is in kind of an awkward location (and it was a awkwardly quite the last...
I don't think there is an official date. Sometime in 2015, I think.
These cats look like they have attitude.Ya think you're better than me, cats?!
Forget it, Jake, it's SnoopytownAnd in only 23 posts. No awkward "trying to find his style" newcomer phase.
"Don't be afraid to use your nails, boys!"
I like the color. It wasn't reissued, was it?
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