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Synthese posted a photo of his sleeve, and got like 60 thumbs up.
Worst episode to date? Come on, it was more tolerable than last week's.
I think this would mean a lot more coming from someone who made more than five posts.
I thought it was this guy?
I think it's because he's comfortable in his own skin. He embraces his look wholeheartedly, and he's created a very consistent aesthetic. He looks so much better than those Street Etiquette guys, who I've come to realize don't know how to dress themselves.
Peir Wu Clan Ain't Nuthin' Ta Fuck Wit!
I think this was a pretty good Bene fit:
He'll be trading it all away for lab coats and comfortable shoes pretty soon, anyway.
In this case, the camera angle is as good as you can get. I mean, it's straight ahead.
You might be right about the pants. The jacket has very defined lines, but the pants look loose. But also I think it's the cuff of the jacket, or, the lack of shirt cuff. It looks kind of strange, since the cuffs are short.Now look at Mellow Fellow. He's also wearing a sweater under a jacket, but you can see the shirt cuffs, and it doesn't look as odd.
New Posts  All Forums: