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More people need to post on the denim side. This challenge has Fuuma's name written all over it. Incidentally, this is one of my favorite sleazy looks: It's that haircut, and sunglasses, and facial hair.
Oddly enough, The Bay have an interview with Lemaire on their blog: far, clothes don't appear on online store.
The Toronto location doesn't seem to have done any restocking.
Well, they did it in the comic
So pretty much where the men's section is.
What floor is the White Space located? Like the previous poster, I haven't seen any Lemaire at this location.
I know one of them is the Nordstrom in Toronto (Eaton Centre location). They have a small collection.
[[SPOILER]] Fit is perfect, although colors might be a bit too dull.
There was a preview of shoes supposedly from the line, but I haven't seen anything about it since:
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