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[[SPOILER]] Fit is perfect, although colors might be a bit too dull.
There was a preview of shoes supposedly from the line, but I haven't seen anything about it since:
An unconventional revenge movie that has a sense of humanity.
I think this coat is Wooyoungmi. Not sure from which season. Hoping to finally get a long coat this winter, just trying to find one that will keep me warm.
I think it's October 14th.
It was a can, not a bottle. Not that that makes it okay. Still, fucking Edwin!!!
I was in there over the weekend, hoping to get a look at the hand made coat. I didn't try it on, but it felt cheap to the touch, unfortunately. So, I'd say it be closer to Zara quality. A lot of poly blends.
I checked out the Uniqlo store today, my first time being in one. People are still lining up just to get in, but the wait wasn't too long (about 5 minutes). My impressions: - Uniqlo U is pretty disappointing. I tried on the chesterfield, the one piece I most wanted from the collection, but as others have noted, the quality sucks. It was like felt, and half lined. I suppose it would be fine in the Spring, or if you live a warmer climate, but for a Toronto winter it would...
You look like a Banksy stencil come to life.
Chesterfield looks good, but would you agree with a previous poster that the quality isn't good?
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