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At least Working Title is easier to get to.
Working Title apparently carries the brand, but it seems like they never have anything in stock.
Yeah, I thought so too, although there isn't a universal look to them. The ones that look like little dobermans have had their tails cut short, and ears taped up to give them that look.
I think you mean a miniature pinscher. I had a cousin who had one, and apparently the breed is not bred from dobermans, and is actually an older breed of dog.
I got you. A collage of facepalms that make up a Picard facepalm:
Uniqlo is officially coming to Toronto: http://www.blogto.com/fashion_style/2015/01/uniqlo_confirms_its_coming_to_toronto/
Yeah, this is what I was getting at with my original question. By warmer, I meant any place that isn't Toronto.
Is it safe to assume those coats are meant for warmer climates? I like the look, but I probably wouldn't be able to wear one until early Spring without freezing.
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