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I've been keeping my eye on that one, actually. I just think 2014 looks nicer.
Speaking of coats, I'm looking for this coat, from 2015, I think If anyone spots it online, let me know.
I didn't try them on, only held them. According to their website, it's a polyester, imitation leather upper, and it definitely feels more like polyester, than leather. Very soft and lightweight. Like a silky pillow, oddly enough. Not at all what I was expecting when I picked them up.
Apparently, they're polyester. Yeah, maybe not exactly puffer jacket material, but the material does feel like the kind you'd feel with a jacket. You'll know what I'm talking about when you touch them.
I handled them today. They have a weird feel to them, Like the material feels like puffer jacket material, or something.
Young John Waters looked surprisingly like Chris Cornell
What's with all the creepy moustaches all of a sudden?
You look like the Pringles guy.
It was also released as part of Mario All Stars, so maybe that's what he means?
Aren't all of your fits some kind of variation of this?
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