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Surely you mean part II, and not part III?
If you have to ask an internet forum how to dress, I'm thinking you don't.
I had been wondering if you had changed to a job that allowed for a more relaxed dress code.
That only works when you're signed in.
Cosby sweater.
You mean to tell me it's not Art I shard?
Out of curiosity, where does your avatar come from? Because it looks just like you. Is it an illustration of a past fit?
I suspect without the background jazz these videos would appear even more tense than they already are. You'd hear the air conditioning kicking in, a dog barking in the background outside, a lawnmower. All while these two guys prattle on about trouser length, or the right way to fold a pocket square, or their thoughts on Japanese denim (hint: it's great!). The lack of music would only highlight the insanity of their mundane conversations. Like an existential horror movie.
New Posts  All Forums: