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Something about this photo (the duffel bag, maybe) kind of makes you look like you've just been drafted and are heading out to boot camp.Look at that face. The man can make him kill for them, but they'll never break his spirit.
For this team? Yes.
You don't have to include me in the poll, I just wanted to post something since I tend to like apocalyptic writing, and wanted to try my hand at writing my own. The apocalypse isn't for fashion. I am reminded of this fact as I walk through a deserted downtown core, past a Hermes and Louis Vuitton, both store front windows still intact, goods still present and accounted for. You see, no one loots a Louis Vuitton during an apocalypse. When things turn to shit the last thing...
I was going to post something, but the change in weather has been quite abrupt, and I don't think I have any warm weather clothing for the apocalypse. I did type up something, if you don't mind not seeing a fit pic.
I think McQeen is wearing Jack Purcells. Definitely not Spring Courts (in either photo). As for white sneakers in general, practically everyone makes them.
I'm thinking of posting something. Will see if I get around to it.
More inspiration:
Not really a sales alert, but I saw these Butteros at Marshalls for under $200.
While I get this line of thinking, to play Devil's advocate, Rick is trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop. Plus, those other experiences weren't exactly the same. Daryl got the jump on the Saviors, and Rick and co. killed the other Saviors in their sleep.
It's not like he wasn't provoked.
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