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At least when they make the post season, Sportsnet won't be the ones covering the games.
It's a lil big...
I guess it must be. At any rate, it's sold out in my size.
Is Notre the only plays that sells the Cologne cardigan?
Tough loss. But great atmosphere. Felt like a playoff game.
That the Jays shut them down. That there's no reason to think the opposite is going to happen this weekend. I think there's this feeling amongst non Jays fans that this team has been lucky, or are suddenly hot, when the fact is, this is a much better team than their record indicates. While they are a better team now, this team also went on an eleven game winning streak a few months ago.
Last time the two teams met the Blue Jays scored a total of ten runs over the series. The Yankees? 1.
Gonna be a good game, Friday night. David Price pitching, Jays going for franchise record for consecutive wins. The bullpen really did them in, early in the season. This is a team that should have been at 70 wins by now.
How 'bout being in first place?
But you're suffering!
New Posts  All Forums: