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Maybe it's that it looks like the brim up your cap is flipped up, but I'm getting a bit of a 90's vibe from this fit. Some Dwayne Wayne styled sunglasses would really bring this fit over the top.
If you're wearing it under a sweater, you needn't spend too much time finding the perfect white shirt. Personally, I think a white collard shirt just on it's own is kind of boring.
At first I was going to suggest you check the MC side of SF, given your age, but so many of those guys are really stuffy and you're probably not interested in wearing pocket squares, or getting the perfect lapel width. Instead, I'd suggest you take inspiration from some of the older members who occasionally post in this thread and manage to look well dressed while still looking their age.Parkerberlin reportMan of Kentzissou
OMG, do you have a style blog?
[[SPOILER]] Your hat kind of reminds me of the kind worn by women in the 1920s.
I'm embarrassed to say this, but I was mistaken for a clothing salesman several times last year. I didn't think I was wearing anything to out of the ordinary. A shirt, jeans. Sneakers. A headset. A clipboard, and a name tag with my name on it, you now, just the usual thing.
Yeah, but viewers are not. As much a critical darling as Mad Men has been, it's never done that well in terms of viewership.
I wouldn't know. I've only been inside. Although it's probably the place to go if you want to buy some Converse. Also, I don't know if they still sell original Jacks. I was in a department store that sells them, but they were the redesign.
They realized, but they were horrified. He bit the guys neck open. I think that's a pretty reasonable reaction. Then Michonne and Daryl kick into action with those guys distracted.Actually, didn't Joe specifically mention the house incident to Daryl? Weren't they tracking them the entire time?Well, remember that guy they killed for lying? Didn't he say something about Daryl possibly being upset over some young girl? Like, I thought it was implied he was into young women...
New Posts  All Forums: