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This joke deserved more recognition, although maybe not everyone is familiar with the reference?"FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT GAY!"
I think the passive aggression was warranted, in this instance.
I think it's pretty obvious this is the case. The promo for the next episode seems to confirm this, where Rick tells her that all eyes are on Daryl, and so no one is looking in her direction.
To your first question, not really. The most note worthy thing was the ending. To your second comment, doesn't the fact that Aaron comes from an established community explain his clean shaven appearance?
I wouldn't be expecting him any time soon. The guy who plays Aaron didn't seem to know anything about it, and if he did, he probably would have been a bit more cagey about it.
At least Working Title is easier to get to.
Working Title apparently carries the brand, but it seems like they never have anything in stock.
Yeah, I thought so too, although there isn't a universal look to them. The ones that look like little dobermans have had their tails cut short, and ears taped up to give them that look.
I think you mean a miniature pinscher. I had a cousin who had one, and apparently the breed is not bred from dobermans, and is actually an older breed of dog.
I got you. A collage of facepalms that make up a Picard facepalm:
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