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I really like this coat: Besides liking the color, I like that the lapels aren't so sharply cut that they end up making the coat look too "dressy", which is something I find with a lot of long coats. He's wearing it with jeans, but it doesn't look incongruous. I wish I could find a coat like it. A similar coat,:
Has anyone ever seen Ludlow coats in thinsulate in the store? I've seen coats, but not ones with thinsulate, and I'm wondering if they've been sold already, or if you have to order them?
You guys have all been on a roll, lately.
You can barely see it!
Thought this was Snow, for a second.
Fall/Winter is the best time for clothing. Summer is the worst.
Synthese posted a photo of his sleeve, and got like 60 thumbs up.
Worst episode to date? Come on, it was more tolerable than last week's.
New Posts  All Forums: