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You are the first person to ever make this joke.Also, it's pronounced "Wong", so the joke doesn't quite hold up to scrutiny.
You have to tuck your shirt into your shorts? Also, you have to wear shorts?
Now she would make a good MJ!
Speak for yourself, unless the person is on their death bed, I usually don't see this coming.
No....no. Why some of my best friends are Jewish...
Just realized Stiches reminds me of Richard Dreyfuss:
You think you're the number one dad?
I think it's the context. Chucks always strike me as being kind of a grungy sneaker, so when paired with khakis and an ocbd they stand out. Especially whey they're the black and white ones.
Would look better without the Converse.
Is the Eaton Centre not a flagship? I thought it's selection was better than some of the other mall locations?
New Posts  All Forums: