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Someone should start a "where are they know?" thread, because I dug his fits, but he abruptly stopped posting.
Because one of them is the real conceptual 4est, and the other is his evil doppelganger. It's science fiction, guy, come on!
I feel like none of what Stanley is wearing goes together.
The Blue Jays are playing so well, right now.
This might be the best fit photo of all time. It's like, you're just taking your usual fit pic when suddenly a woman approaches you, and you're pulled into this exciting romance. Someone make a movie of this.
Man of Kent is a homicide detective, working the mean streets of Los Angeles. When he's not working some case, he's plagued by memories of his early days on the job, back to the one case he couldn't solve. But when the body of a young woman is found in a river, it has all the hallmarks of the killer he failed to capture so many years ago. Now, Man of Kent must bring this killer to justice. But time is running out. And storm clouds are forming. Man of Kent is...True...
No one puts jameister in the corner.
I want to get some shirts, but I've never been big on the quality of CM. Still, at least they go on sale. J Crew seems to be on sale only online, which I hate.
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