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I feel like nomad's expression sums up the Bene fit: No offence, Bene, but it might not be a bad idea to take a break from shopping. Your fits are starting to be all over the place.
Did Colabear design the jacket for you?
He might have gone up a size or two.
Well what would you do, save the uggos? Pftt. As if.
I think a part of her thought he might be right. I can't remember, but wasn't she one of the people in Rick's camp who was disturbed by their slaughtering of the Terminus folk? I think his comments might have made her feel mortified. Because even though they saved his life, they also viscously killed a group of people in retaliation for what was done to them, and in a church, no less.
Out of curiosity, how many coats and jackets do you own?
You're so wrong on every count, where to begin?
Best Bene fit in a while. Better direction, too.
A few pieces now available at Working Title: http://workingtitleshop.com/collections/stephan-schneider
I've seen some of you casually drop the n-word, and no one says shit.
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