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He's wearing a costume. These are not be clothes you can just pick up in a store. Unless you want to know where to find clothes like them?
A while back, there was some guy on my train going up to random people giving them recommendations on what they should wear for Halloween. He insisted this one guy dress up as Two Face. I closed my eyes, and pretended to be asleep, so as to avoid his gaze. Although, I am curious as to what he would have recommended for me.
He just heard someone flush.
This is the scene where he hypes himself up before the big rap battle.
Are the pants tailored? I've haven't seen such an abrupt taper.
It's a really flattering fit.
The problem is, all of your coats look too long for you in the sleeves, probably because you have to buy larger sizes to fit your frame, but your arms aren't long enough. So your cuffs always look like they're past your knuckles. Same problem with your pants, they always look like they could be hemmed, or at least, sized down. You would benefit from having your clothes tailored.
Well, I don't post that often, but if you want to block me, by all means do so. I've thought about blocking you, mostly because of how humourless and defensive you are. Actually, why don't we just block each other? I think that's probably the best way to go.
Fuckin' suits and ties, how do they work?
Does Hish have cancer? I don't know what her problem is, but she clearly is looking for attention since she mentions she's sick in almost every single post, even creating a thread about how sick she is, in a section devoted to clothing. I have her on ignore, but unless I'm signed in, I still see her posts.
New Posts  All Forums: