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For those of you who watch games on television, is the cameraman ever placed in the stands along with the fans? I watch Jays games and lately the station I watch them on has made a habit of putting the cameraman in the stands, usually searching for someone to film. Sometimes you'll see these long shots of his point of view as he walks down the steps, other times you get people waving to the camera. It ruins the feeling that you're seeing genuine reactions, and by having...
After a lousy stretch of games, the Blue Jays come from being down 8-0, to winning the game 14-9 against the Reds. Amazing comeback.
So Barbour has a function on their website that lets you check if a site is authorized to carry the brand, and it said the site I was on is an authorized site, so at least it is legit. I still wish I could find a local store that does carry it so I can try it on.
Anyone know how the Lens jacket fits? I'd try it on, but there doesn't seem to be any stores near by that carry it: Also, anyone know if this was from a past season? I can't seem to find it on Barbour's website, and I'm wondering how legit the sites I have seen it are.
Someone should start a "where are they know?" thread, because I dug his fits, but he abruptly stopped posting.
Because one of them is the real conceptual 4est, and the other is his evil doppelganger. It's science fiction, guy, come on!
I feel like none of what Stanley is wearing goes together.
The Blue Jays are playing so well, right now.
This might be the best fit photo of all time. It's like, you're just taking your usual fit pic when suddenly a woman approaches you, and you're pulled into this exciting romance. Someone make a movie of this.
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