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I feel like you wear too many clothes that are either too dark, or don't quite go together. I think this fit would look better with a lighter pair of jeans.
Where do you live? I think it really depends on how many locations you have available to you, although I haven't noticed a huge difference in quality when it comes to the stores. There is still a lot of overpriced stuff. And I find most of their shirts just don't fit all that well.
That is such a weird comment.
He has an almost identical physique to Jon Hamm.
After some investigation, it appears to be the Bernard Parka by Han. http://www.theurbanlist.com/brisbane/a-list/get-look-ryan-gosling They don't seem to have a working link to the jacket your looking for, though, but here it is in navy:
But that's kind of my point. I think you look better than you did simply because you started wearing better clothes and got a better haircut. Your style isn't uniquely yours. And when I say that I don't mean that as a knock. It's just that I sometimes see or hear people, when asked to "define their style", pause and reflect and try to come up with a profound answer, when half of the time the real answer is probably "I saw someone else wear it and I thought it looked...
I know I've said this already in the Style Forum Success Stories thread, but your transformation from this is pretty amazing:It also makes me think the idea of "personal style" is overrated. Someone in the Success thread argued that most of the transformations made the people look like other completely different people, but I don't think too many would argue the people in question looked better. Obviously there is always room for personal quirks, but pretty much all you...
Looks like something colabear made.
What do you mean "meh"? It's Mother Fucking Superman vs Mother Fucking Batman.
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