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Our souls will float like butterflys in the windBY ARTISHARD, 2O SOMETHING PROFESSIONAL DREAMER FROM NEW YORKrick / art is hard with extra-special-cut-out-neck upgrade / plokhov / rickNow it's the most lookbook-y photo you've seen on this site.
Did he look like this?:
Um..what posts am I supposed to be reading?
Do you really think that's what he was trying to do? I think it's simply a case of him getting carried away with the paint tool. Him pretending to be in blackface never once crossed my mind. He was probably trying to make himself look like a silhouette. Or maybe a photo negative. Or any other reason. Whatever the case, I wouldn't have jumped to the blackface conclusion.
I'm guessing he wanted to block out his face completely, and awkwardly did it with MS Paint. Not sure what you mean by "acceptable"?
For me, it's the fact if I were to order from their website, after you include tax, shipping and duties, the price of a shirt comes out to over $80. At that price, I might as well just go to J Crew or Club Monaco. At least they occasionally go on sale.
Yikes. I wasn't expecting my comment to touch a nerve. It was just the plaid shorts (or whatever they are), combined with his hairy white legs and dark footwear gave me that vibe.
The t-shirt and plaid shorts make this look a bit "bro-ish". Like, if you replaced the boots with skateboarder sneakers, wore a big cap, and ditched that cardigan thing, you'd look like every other teenager I see walking about.
H&M also seems to have different tiers. One local store, for example, doesn't carry any of the wool suits, or some of the more expensive items. I find you have to go to the flagship store to get the better stuff.
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