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I suspect you are quite a bit older than I thought you were. Or were very young at the time you saw them play.
It looks mostly boring.
You're kindofyoung to be wearing a hat like that.
1. Why are you being a dick? 2. The Thin Red Line actually lost the majority of the awards it was nominated for, and didn't win any of the major ones (The Oscars, Golden Globes). I'll assume you're thinking of Saving Private Ryan.Coincidentally, I watched Badlands a few weeks back.
All this Harry Potter talk....
Great imagery, and performances, although I suspect it wouldn't be everyone's taste.
Someone should start a "where are they now?" thread. There are a lot of posters who abruptly stopped posting, never to be heard from again.
If The Simpsons had ended, say, around season 8, it would be my favourite show of all time. But since it's gone on for so long, I feel the need to specify seasons 3-8.
Thank goodness he's drawn attention away form my t-shirt
New Posts  All Forums: