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I think maybe he's implying PG is more into the look and romance of being a cyclist. Of wearing the gear, the cap with the brim turned up, the fancy bike, imagining himself in the Tour de France. I'm not saying that's what PG is doing, but he does seem to have dove right into it.
I was going to add some female legs in high heels and some breasts, but I thought that would be a bit too creepy.
Compared to the general loud jacket wearing, peacocking of the mc crowed, I'd say he was fairly tasteful:
To find anything good, though, you'd have to go back several years. It's like I said, once he got a job that didn't require he dress up, he pretty much stopped caring about clothing, and he developed this biking obsession. So I think his blog is now just about his personal life. He wasn't an amazingly inspiring dresser, but he always looked tasteful, and I appreciated his taste for a minimalist color pallet.
Anytime I see this pic I always think of that Simpsons episode with Poochie:
It is. It's not even an exaggeration: http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/When he had a job that required he wear a suit, he often talked about his wardrobe, and clothing in general, and he'd often post interesting things. Now it's all bikes, coffee, and shots of his feet.
Phat Guido's "brog" is now basically him taking shots of his sneakers and whatever cappuccinos he's been drinking and it's worse for it.
Does anyone know if Canada gets the same selection as the U.S? I notice the Canadian site has a smaller selection of jeans and other clothing.
Aw, come on. These are just two regular dudes trying to make it in this crazy world.
Stan Smiths are no longer in production. And if I have seen them, they're usually not all white and look kind of ugly.
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