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Does anyone know if there is a reason why certain stores are exempt from sales? I wanted to get a shirt, but it's not in my size in two of the locations I've looked, and the sale is apparently not available in a third local location.
Black denim with khaki? Ew.
On a side note, I've often noticed these meetups involve at least one of the guys being embarrassed that he didn't put in the same effort as the other guy(s) did. "Met with so and so the other day. Good guy. Here's some pics. I felt so under dressed compared to him, though...". Are people afraid of being seen as having tried too hard so they deliberately dress down?
The mirror is making it look smaller than it is because of how close he is standing to it.
What is the tattoo of? It almost looks like one of Doctor Octopus's tentacles.
I think Docs could work, even when they can be just as shiny and sleek, but there is a ruggedness to them that I think would suit the MA-1 better. I think that might be my problem with the fit. The MA-1 is tough, and sort of utilitarian, but then you have the fairly colourful and relaxed check shirt underneath. You have these sleek boots that look like what you would see an MCer wear, but they're paired with relaxed looking jeans, that look like the kind of pre-distressed...
Fair enough on point 1, I only mentioned that fit because I thought you were wearing shoes, and not boots, and so the suggestion was just based off of your footwear. Still, while Aldens might look great with raw jeans, I don't think they look great with your jeans.They just look so glossy in relation to those jeans. It might not be as noticeable if the jeans were less faded, or darker.
I think none of what you are wearing goes together. The shoes look too dressy for the jeans and shirt, the shirt doesn't quite go with the jacket. I think you can wear those shoes with the MA-1, but I think gettoasty has the right idea. Something minimal, like this?
Manofkent, were you going fishing that day?
Honestly, I don't think bucket hats look good on anyone.
New Posts  All Forums: