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But why pretend that people aren't influenced by who the poster is, though? Parker and Synthese could post the most basic, boring fit, but they'll still get at least 14 thumbs up simply because people like them. I know I've been prompted to give a thumb up to a fit I'm not necessarily crazy over a few times just because of who the poster is. Or sometimes I get caught up with everyone else if a post has a large number of thumbs and is close to reaching a certain number....
More like Andy Warhol hair
Why do you always pose like you're on the cover of some Christian rock album?
Salt Optics Adler frames: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-SALT-Optics-Adler-Black-49-Optical-Eyeglasses-Frame-OP-Japan-/251401579351
Hell of a time to see the city, though. Toronto, in this weather, presumably during the massive power outage.
I think brad-t is more of a buzzkill than a dickhead. Or at least, often takes too much offence at off the cuff remarks. But I think that's also true of a lot of you people.
Hot lesbian sex, with some light bondage thrown in for good measure.At least, that's how I interpret it.
You could probably pull it off. Just maybe not go completely bald. Go as low as 2, or 1.5.
Shaving your head and not wearing glasses makes you look quite a bit younger.Not crazy about that sweatshirt. It seems too dull when compared to the pants, shirt, and shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: