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Please. These dudes be hanging out with hyenas and monkeys!
Exactly. Summer and winter are too extreme to really dress how you want as they both demand you wear either less, or more. Fall and spring finds that sweet spot where you can still play around with layering, without sacrificing comfort.
I'm starting to think a better title for this thread might be "How I would dress if I were a woman". In some cases it seems like you guys are posting photos of the female equivalent of what you like to wear.
I think it might be time to start tucking your shirts in. You often look like you're wearing a tent.Would look better with dark gray or black pants, and black shoes.
I thought Jesse originally suspected Huell might have taken it after the pat down, which is why he thought Walt was involved? Walt then convinces Jesse it was Gus who probably poisoned Brock, and Jesse believe him, and then Jesse finds out it was something different altogether. Walt then plants the fake ricin in the Roomba, so Jesse will fully believe he had the cigarette the whole time, and forgets about it. Bu then he has a similar incident with Huell again, and he knows...
I guess Popeye's is alright if you like mediocre, greasy fast food. Any time I've had it, the box it was put in became see through from the grease. The biscuits taste odd. I think the main thing Popeye's has going for it is it's usually fresh.
It's not the same thing at all. First, they set up Michael having been molested through a number of scenes, all the way until he shows Christ the man he wants taken care of. The camera lingers on Chris (this is after Michael's vague reasoning and annoyance at being asked why he wants his father in law dead), and we understand that he knows why Michael wants this guy dead. And then later Chris is grilling the guy on why he was in prison, finally unleashing a brutal beating...
Well, you're kind of lame.
So pretty much any girl wearing an MA-1.
It's perfectly fine when bought on sale. Last item I bought from CM was this sweater (looks better on me, and I wear it with a shirt)Their shirts tend to be too long, I find. They pretty much need to be worn tucked in.
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