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You could probably pull it off. Just maybe not go completely bald. Go as low as 2, or 1.5.
Shaving your head and not wearing glasses makes you look quite a bit younger.Not crazy about that sweatshirt. It seems too dull when compared to the pants, shirt, and shoes.
I don't think it's just that the sleeves are too long, though. It kind of looks big in the shoulders, if the photo of the model is anything to go by. He could shorten the sleeves, but I'm not sure it would be an ideal fit.
Might the coat be a size too big?
Are the sleeves meant to be that long?
Wait a minute. Who scalps tickets outside a 7-Eleven? This post made no sense. I should have said:When he's not posting on Style Forum, you can find Stitches bumming cigarettes outside his local 7-Eleven.There, that's better.
When he's not posting on Style Forum, you can find Stitches scalping tickets outside his local 7-Eleven.
Kind of looks like you're pretending to make out with someone.
Out of curiosity, who holds the record for thumbs up in this thread? Because Snowman is currently at 90 thumbs up.
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