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Just picked up a pair of 484 chinos on sale. The only thing is, when I went to pay for them, they were still listed at full price at checkout. When I asked if they weren't on sale, the cashier didn't know, and asked the woman behind her, who said they weren't. I told the cashier I thought I saw them on sale on the website, and so she checked her computer. After checking with her co-worker to make sure it was the right pair of pants that were on sale, she applied the...
Would look better if he ditched polo.
There are no cool polo shirts.
What colour did you get in the 484?
Jeans could be hemmed.
I think this might be your best fit. Also, totally on board with all linen look.
Hair makes you look younger.
It's a conservative look, so I think black shoes would be fine.
I think a big reason why so many of his fits look great is simply because of how totally relaxed and confident he looks. He pulls these looks off with such ease, it almost looks effortless. Someone put this man on the runway!
Okay, but I'm not that familiar with the brand. I know it's a popular brand on this forum, but that's it. The fact that it's supposedly one of the more iconic designs of the brand doesn't mean anything to me.
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