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I take it you buy $90 t-shirts? How are you comparing buying a plain white t-shirt to buying a car or house? Apples and oranges. Is the quality of the t-shirt so great it justifies the price? Is the difference between that t-shirt and a white t-shirt from Uniqlo so great? It's probably barely noticeable. That's not the case when it comes to cars and homes.
Paying $90 for a plain white t-shirt is fucking stupid. I know some people will try bring up the "quality", but the difference between that shirt and any other white shirt you'd buy at the mall is probably negligible. Well, except for the price.
I think people would like to see an NFL team, just not the Bills. I don't think Bills games sell all that well, and the players don't like playing here because the people who go to games don't necessarily go specifically to see the Bills, so there's no home field advantage. But like I said, Argonauts are in trouble either way. It's possible they might not be a team in a few years.
Aw yeeeah. The Argonauts are actually in very serious trouble. No one cares about the team, no one wants to buy them, and they might not have a place to play in a few years. TSN interrupted the NBA Draft to run a CFL game, and people were like "what the hell, you're interrupting the draft for this?"
Can we blame The Sartorialist for all of these types of "style" guys who dress alike? There just seems to be a total lack of originality with a lot of these guys. They all have the same Boardwalk Empire style haircuts, the double monks, cropped pants, pocket squares, etc. They all look like they were designed by the same person.
It did spawn a sequel: http://www.styleforum.net/t/347372/styleforum-success-stories-ii
North York. I went to to a fairly racially mixed elementary school, so it wasn't a case of the white kids making fun of the odd brown kid. But I think it was more of a "tone of voice" thing. I didn't really notice it as much as I got older, though. Although, for all I know the Pakistani kids did use it.
Well, not just a UK thing. I don't know about the rest of Canada, but Paki was a commonly used slur in Toronto when I was growing up, and it was never Pakistani kids who were using it, and it was always used in a derogatory sense. I do remember when George W. Bush used it a while back, a local radio station was talking about it, and all of the Canadian callers couldn't believe he said it, but it seemed the American callers were unfamiliar with it as a racist term in the U.S.
Actually, I shouldn't have highlighted it without commenting on it as I didn't think it was intentional in the first place. But I also wasn't sure if it was considered to be offensive in other parts of the world, as no one else picked up on it.
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