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Not crazy about the color. And for that price, I think you could probably do better.What am I missing? How was it only $15?
I think Andy Serkis would be a good choice. Especially if they'll be having IT display itself as several movie monsters.
Why should it dampen it? You are a success story! You're like Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love:Notice the shirt?
Would theWho13 belong in this thread? I feel like he made a significant improvement, although maybe he hasn't posted enough fit pics to really be able to judge?
I've always hated skits in rap songs.
Yeah, listen to Woody Allen over here.
Enter the Moo Tan (36 Chambers of tanning oil).
Well, it's a black sweater. There doesn't appear to be anything about it that would justify you buying it at $200. Surely you could find something similar at comparable quality for much cheaper?
Nah, he's not grizzled enough to be baddass. He's more like the handsome school teacher who befriends the single mother who's daughter is in his class, who shows her how to love again (her husband died).
Short hair wasn't a bad idea, but I think you should have gone with a sleeker, edgier, Artishard type hairstyle. And now that you're hair is short I think you should go clean shaven.
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