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Two brothers...separated at birth...find themselves reunited on opposite sides of the law...Rais isSEEING DOUBLE
I liked that photo. Makes him look like an oil painting.
[[SPOILER]] Is the Acne coat lined or unlined?
Coat looks a tad big on you.
You kind of look like some dashing WWII fighter pilot.
Needles shaggy alpaca in medium: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/581215025134/
It's not an "AIDS post", it's a Charlie Sheen post. Where else would you post this?
Just want to say, how cool it is that you get to type in things like "Snowman Oxford", "Snowman Cropped Trousers".
Sand people.
Well fuck you too.
New Posts  All Forums: