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I recently walked past a Steve Madden store, and did a double take thinking they did some collaboration with Common Projects:
After the attack on Negan's outpost, she and Heath when on a food run.
That's not what happened.
Does there come a point where you stop searching for the "best" of an item? Anything you don't mind cheeping out on? For me, often a white shirt really is just a white shirt.
Here you go:
Well, there was the "show us your closet" thread:
Big sale over at Gentry.
Actually, I think that's what I'm most curious about. Some people, maybe even most people, buy a coat or jacket when they need it, and wear it until it's worn out, at which point they replace it. But then there are people such as MoK, and nicelynice, and Bene who seem to post a fit featuring a completely new piece of outerwear or clothing in almost every post. Ignoring the amount of clothing that begins to build up, I'm wondering if some of you sell those jackets or coats...
Actually, that's a good question. Do some of you have large wardrobes, or do you sell whatever pieces you don't wear anymore?
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