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I Know What You Wore Last Summer.
I kind of agree, though, I'm not sure Schneider works for you.I hope you don't mind me posting some of your older fits, but there was a period where I think you hit your stride and found a look that really suited you.Although I was surprised by the sheer variety of fits you've posted over the years. I think that's why people sometimes give you grief, you have the funds and can clearly put together solid fits, but you still seem to be experimenting.Also, dude, you had a...
"I am ready, Sensei".I still think older, Yohji Bene is the best Bene.
I don't know why, but your sneakers look too big for you. Especially in this shot:
You know, the number one cause of death in the home is tie in the face:
Interestingly, might that too be remade?:http://venturebeat.com/2015/06/17/nomura-wants-more-final-fantasy-remakes-but-not-from-the-playstation-era/I'm not sure it lends itself to the more realistic style they seem to be wanting. FFVI has such a lavish looking world and characters, I worry that it would be watered down.
Out of curiosity, what finally prompted you to stop obscuring your face?
Keep in mind I'm only familiar with Schnieder through Style Forum, but it sometimes sounds like some of the pieces are better worn when not worn the way they're designed to. Such as the Merino coat, which people seem to prefer wearing open, or at least, not done all the way up.
Is the color grey or blue? I can't tell on my monitor.
What season is the jacket?
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