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What's more convenient than wearing glasses? You wake up, put 'em on your face, boom,The skinny jeans are making the shirt look bigger than it actually is.
And the woman who helped me kept saying "just touch your eye". As if touching your own eyeball with your finger was the most normal thing in the world.Whatever, I don't mind wearing glasses.
I tried them once at a local clinic, but was so squeamish about putting them in my eyes I never got past just trying them on.
No, this would be the most hilarious MoK pose of all time:
Which we'll certainly be hearing all about it.
It was Bloor Street. Out of curiosity, what makes it different from any other J. Crew location? What makes it a boutique?
Does anyone know if there is a reason why certain stores are exempt from sales? I wanted to get a shirt, but it's not in my size in two of the locations I've looked, and the sale is apparently not available in a third local location.
Black denim with khaki? Ew.
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