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What if you're walking through Jewish Latin Kings territory?
Seems like most of you really just like the jacket, and not necessarily Casey wearing the jacket. I think it kind of looks at odds with those glasses and what he's wearing. Almost like he's put on his cooler older brother's jacket, and is going to wear it to school, or something. Or like Richie Cunningham trying on Fonzie's jacket for two seconds.
I think everyone was waiting until the weather got colder so they could bust out their layered fits.I considered posting a fit of my own, but I'm not sure you cats are ready for it. Goth Ninja? Pfft, mere child's play. Think Punkrock Caveman.
The scum of San Franciso better duck for cover because there is one man who will not take things lying down.ParkerThis fall on CBS.
1. It's the stripes, I think. It just doesn't look particularly elegant.2. It's that particular shade of purple. It's a bit pastel. Combined with the stripes it wouldn't look out of place on some teenager goth/emo girl.
Fun fact: Snow is not at all like a pile of bodies.
For those in Toronto, Hudson Bay (the one across from the Eaton Centre) now carries a small selection of Ervell.
Maybe it's the cardigan, but this fit really demands that you hold a pipe of some kind.
We've seen two episodes! And the last one was pretty good. I don't really get the hate on for it.
I suppose you could douse some of them with gasoline, but that might be a waste of gas. Still, you have to draw them away from the fence. Even if they are on flames, they're still going to walk towards that fence. I read a suggestion that asked why they don't just dig a pit surrounding the prison, but to actually have it be deep enough would probably require too much man power.
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