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No one puts jameister in the corner.
I want to get some shirts, but I've never been big on the quality of CM. Still, at least they go on sale. J Crew seems to be on sale only online, which I hate.
A fitting sendoff to a giant.
You know, with cameras today, you can take more than one photo. You don't even need to save it. You can keep taking photos until you get one that looks right, and delete the ones that don't. Say, the ones where your eyes are closed and you're picking your nose.
I wish J.Crew had less online only sales. Adding up shipping, you don't really get a deal even with the discounts. I'd rather just walk into a store and buy what I want.
Awesome avatar. I love Final Fantasy VI.
Our souls will float like butterflys in the windBY ARTISHARD, 2O SOMETHING PROFESSIONAL DREAMER FROM NEW YORKrick / art is hard with extra-special-cut-out-neck upgrade / plokhov / rickNow it's the most lookbook-y photo you've seen on this site.
Did he look like this?:
Um..what posts am I supposed to be reading?
Do you really think that's what he was trying to do? I think it's simply a case of him getting carried away with the paint tool. Him pretending to be in blackface never once crossed my mind. He was probably trying to make himself look like a silhouette. Or maybe a photo negative. Or any other reason. Whatever the case, I wouldn't have jumped to the blackface conclusion.
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