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Gonna be a good game, Friday night. David Price pitching, Jays going for franchise record for consecutive wins. The bullpen really did them in, early in the season. This is a team that should have been at 70 wins by now.
How 'bout being in first place?
But you're suffering!
What..the...where the hell is this?!?
Am I wrong, or is the jacket at least a size too big?
If you have a pair of Levis that you absolutely love, why not just stick with Levis?
Nike should consider doing for sweatshirts what they do for their sneakers, letting people design their own, through their website.
Would you settle for a Nike FC?
I don't get it, why do you want someone to send from Canada?
No offence, but you look like a little boy who has decided to run away from home.
New Posts  All Forums: