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Anyone know what frames these are?: edit, I found them.
Sometimes (often?) The Sartorialist takes photos of people who just catch his eye. It's not always about fashion. I do find some of the comments a bit breathless, though. "There’s something kind, proud in his eyes. An adult and a child. We can feel all his strength".
He plays the role of a guy being creepily hit on.
Well, nicelynice says it fits huge, so you should probably go with the 46.
Cool thing about watching OZ years later is seeing all the different actors who went on to bigger things afterward. So many actors from the Wire. A ton of rappers, too.
Depends on the wedding. If the lead guitarist in his band is getting married, I'd say this is appropriate.
It's interesting that Regis has become so respected, as that wasn't initially the case when he first joined the site. I recently stumbled on an old thread and was surprised to see him clash with several of the forum's regulars.
You dress like how I dress when I'm lounging around the house in the summer. No one wants to see that.
Pitti Uomo looks kind of embarrassing. So many guys dressed the same or desperately hoping to stand out so someone takes their photo.
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