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Out of curiosity, what finally prompted you to stop obscuring your face?
Keep in mind I'm only familiar with Schnieder through Style Forum, but it sometimes sounds like some of the pieces are better worn when not worn the way they're designed to. Such as the Merino coat, which people seem to prefer wearing open, or at least, not done all the way up.
Is the color grey or blue? I can't tell on my monitor.
What season is the jacket?
I live in Canada, so everyone has a "no shoes" policy, and it's not a problem. But it's their house, their rules. Take off your shoes, you animal.And Soprano, why are you wearing flip flops in the first place? Do you ever take into consideration your surroundings, or is it all t-shirts and cargo shorts all the time? Do you live in California?
I can think of at least three or four genuinely good U2 songs, I can't for Maroon 5.
Maroon 5 have to be the most successful mediocre band. I'm trying to think of another band whose music is bland and forgettable as Maroon 5, and can't think of any.
I've always liked this photo from the Sartorialist. I mean, the suit is nice, but dat hair!
Does anyone know if regular fit shirts are available in stores? It seems like it's mostly slim fit. I'm just wondering if regular fits are something you can only order from the online store?
I feel like nomad's expression sums up the Bene fit: No offence, Bene, but it might not be a bad idea to take a break from shopping. Your fits are starting to be all over the place.
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