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Let the fan casting begin! I've sometimes wondered who should be cast as Graves. Ed Harris would actually be a pretty good choice. As for some of the other characters: - I've always thought Cole Burns was modelled physically on Johnny Depp. Since he's too big an actor for the role, how about Jack Huston? - David Keith as Lono - Amanda Seyfried as Megan Dietrich - Bob Hoskins as Mr Branch That's all I can think of at the moment.
Pretty sure it's fake. If this is real, it's pretty lousy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid I think there were white on gumsole sneaks before CP/MMM. Sure, but be honest, isn't that what you're aiming for?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Found my white on gumsole sneaks. Adidas custom sneaker program. They have that beige color listed as white suede. I'm gonna email them and see if I can get the stripes in white leather. $115, not terrible. Quote: Originally Posted by Dope Nixon I like these better personally Are you guys intentionally trying for a Common Projects, MMM aesthetic?
Has anyone heard of any sales coming up? I was in there over the weekend, saw some shirts, but even while on sale, were still more than I wanted to spend.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix they're not that ridiculously high waisted. remember he's probably a fair bit older than most of us. also the camera angle is probably not helping. Are you kidding? He looks like he has no waist. He's all legs, no midsection. It looks so weird wearing pants up to your naval.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz is there anywhere that still stocks reasonable sizes of these? looking for a 9 Try here: http://www.groovyshoes.ca/Scripts/pr...idproduct=2368
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya I saw a model in Japan last week that i fell in love with. First PF sneakers i've ever liked. It was a white high-top and it said "Bob Cousey" on the side. Funny you should mention that, as I'm currently looking for the white low top Cousy.
Club Monaco seems to have sold off most of their sale items, as most of the stuff I saw today was still quite expensive. A chambray shirt was $99, marked down from $138. Most other shirts were $59 and up.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow nice aeglus, I am the opposite, sleeves too big. This shirt looks very familiar, what is it?
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