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Quote: Originally Posted by kixslf Norse Projects Harald Cap 3sixteen for Woodlands Heavyweight Overshirt Tanner Goods Eternal 811 I like the juxtaposition of you showing off your nice clothes, and the homeless man lying behind you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll ^ there's a sitcom waiting to happen I made a similar observation about a photo of Uncontrol standing with a friend of his who was much more conservatively dressed: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...4384&page=1296
Quote: Originally Posted by Simon Radash Well she might be terrible in your opinion but I think she can do the job. And you all need to give her a chance. I don't think she is that bad. Is she? I've only seen her on Friday Night Lights but I don't think she was terrible at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol This look says "I can barely suppress my laughter looking at your outfit. What were you thinking?"
I think glasses tend to be nerdy by nature. I wear glasses, and I find it difficult to find ones that don't follow the "nerd glasses" style. You pretty much have to shell out for the designer frames, and even then those are often more ostentatious.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. If the video does not play, wait a minute or try again later.       I AGREETIP: to embed Youtube clips, put only the encoded part of the Youtube URL, e.g. eBGIQ7ZuuiU between the tags. Interesting to see them pay homage to an...
I can't see Dicaprio in this role at all, but here he is.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I am not liking the yellow eyes, it looks like he is high or does he have liver problems? I don't think they are actually yellow. I think that's just the light hitting off their reflective surface. Like seen here:
It appears the new movie is going to be called "The Amazing Spider-Man". New photo of the costume:
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