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Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Don't forget Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy! Right, although I don't know if Murphy will be reprising his role as Scarecrow for a third time.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Poster art looks great! Well, this will star Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Marian Cotillard...
If you don't like wearing sneakers, just don't wear them. You don't have to like sneakers.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy ime, you just be there for her. I'm not much of a talker and sometimes just physically being there with her is enough comfort. trying to squeeze words out can sometimes draw a negative effect. It's true. I think the best way is to simply offer condolences and support. There's really not much you can say about it.
I don't suppose Adidas has any plans to re-release these Rod Lavers?
He's talking about his mother dying, not his grandmother, and he's understandably sad about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achillus I recall seeing this photo when searching for images of Yorkville in Toronto. Given his location I wouldn't be surprised if he worked for Holt Renfrew.
Quote: Originally Posted by SOMD I've only been in a couple Club Monaco's (and quickly walked out) but what age group/demographic are they aiming for? They don't seem to be very stylish, just very expensive. Is it casual clothes geared for 40 and 50-something's? 20's to 40's sounds about right. As for being stylish, I guess that depends on what you consider to be stylish. At the very least, Club Monaco tends to be tasteful. It seems to rely on...
I was inspired to check out the book from the library after seeing the trailer last week. So far, not really enjoying it. I don't like that's it written as if the reader is already familiar with the world of espionage and its lingo. And I don't particularly like the scenes involving characters relaying lengthy anecdotes to someone. Imagine mini versions of the Council of Elrond from the Fellowship of The Ring, and you'll know what I'm talking about. The trailer makes it...
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Epaulet By Stanley Van Buren For Epaulet By Stanley Van Buren In Collaboration With Stanley Van Buren For Epaulet By Stanley Van Buren Quote: Originally Posted by xCrunchx featuring Stanley van Buren Paid for by the Stanley Van Buren for Epaulet Party.
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