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Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket www.getoutsideshoes.com I don't think they have that exact model, though.
Svensson Doucal By the way, what's your price range?
Quote: Originally Posted by exhaze I, too, aspire to become John Locke when I am of age. More of a Charles Widmore vibe, no?
Did anyone else read the title of this thread with Jerry Seinfeld's voice in mind?
PF Flyers Cousy:
First look at Hardy as Bane:
They both look clean, so what are you after? If it's more of a classic baseball cap feel, go with the SF. If it's a more of a Super Mario's lesser known brother Nario, go with the N.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Apparently it got booed at Cannes (or whatever festival just passed). I don't think that means much. It's sort of become a tradition for films to be booed at Cannes.
Quote: Originally Posted by zach_a JP Racearounds, then, if you're not feeling the toe-cap... Very comfortable, especially for Converse Are these sold worldwide? I know a few stores that sell JPs, but they're the ones with the toe cap. The only others I've seen close to these are the navy and brown leather ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Looks like summer is pretty much here. The Talented Mr Ripley.
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