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I know you hate to be impressed with someone else, other than yourself. But you know trying to hold back on being an asshole helps.
Looks good I guess. Not really a fan of 3 button suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by TobinMarcus Dude. You know he looks just like Spencer Rice. Great show. Funny as hell !!!!!!! That actually crossed my mind.
Well your beard isn't that long. Do you use an electric razor? Either trim it down to stubble or shave it off altogether. Or go in the opposite direction and grow it even longer.
Your face is.....round, I guess. A little on the pudgy side. The way it is now you kind of look much younger than you probably are, because your face is so pudgy. Maybe you should try growing your hair long again? With your eyebrows you almost look like David Krumholtz:
Just wear something like this, although maybe wear a sport coat instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol same old shit, need new stuff to come already Kind of a David Cassidy look. You need to photoshop some stoned babes behind you.
I had listened to a few Radiohead songs back in the day but it wasn't until Amnesiac that I decided to buy an album of theirs. After Amnesiac, I bought Kid A. By the time I got to OK Computer, which I was somewhat familiar with, the album didn't seem quite as groundbreaking. As for those replying to this thread who don't like Radiohead, why are you here? When you saw the threads title did you think "A poll about Radiohead? I don't like them, but I'll just add my own...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Mexico! She looked way better than the pictures on the website showed. Yeah, she was hot. Kind of reminded me of Daisy Marie.
There was an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine was dating a guy who shaved his head. She convinced him to start growing it again and to his horror he realized he was going bald. I kind of feel like that guy (well, minus the horror) since I've been cutting my hair very short for the longest time. I've just felt like growing it longer. I haven't made an appointment yet with my Doctor but I think I should. A few days after taking that first photo I buzzed my hair shorter....
New Posts  All Forums: