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Quote: Originally Posted by Sesame Seed We heard it loud and clear Down Under. Ditto in Canada.
Out of curiosity, was the American broadcast censored? Like, was there a delay?
Quote: Originally Posted by about11oclock I think even with face blurring technology, I would recognize Moo on the street, given his wardrobe choices and what I do know of how he looks. ?
It would help to know what size you are looking for. I was browsing suits on ebay the other day.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Again, I'm supposed to give a shit or feel sorry for them? You don't have to feel sorry for them, but there are other people involved in a tv show like this. This sort of screws them over.
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue I for one welcome a new sneaker challenger. It won't heart to add to the narrow cheap basic shoe category. Chucks have had their time, as have vans authentics. But New Balanace? I dunno. How did they become so popular? I don't remember anyone wearing them when I was growing up so we can't really attribute it to nostalgia. They don't have the versatility of Chucks, or vans. They're kind of clunky looking. I...
"Black goes with everything"
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Quote: Originally Posted by willpower I understand the convenience, but the problem with Transitions is that they never completely clear when you go inside, which leaves you with a look that's 70s lounge singer creepy My dad wears them and hates them. The problem is they turn into sunglasses no matter how sunny it is. He goes out to get the mail, and boom, he's suddenly wearing shades. Which is fine for those times when he wants to wear...
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Well written. Yet another newcomer asking questions without taking the trouble to do any research. Oh give me a break. Why would he assume there might be a thread about David Beckham, specifically a thread about David Beckham's glasses?
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