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I don't think Morgan is a moron. I just think he's someone who is maybe not equipped to live in such a world. And to be fair, he did pretty much admit to that in the episode "Clear". Also, do you really think killing the guy who Morgan tied up was the best course of action? This guy might have given them insight into who the Wolves are, where they live, etc.
He might not even be playing today.
@ K, yes, it does look too long on you.
Working Title has added pieces: http://workingtitleshop.com/collections/stephan-schneider
Are Birkenstocks the double monks of the Streetware side?
It's such a dramatic coat, you almost need to go for an over the top, labelking style wardrobe. And be dead serious about it.
Is that a leather coat?
I'd imagine pretty warm, thanks to the quilted liner. I think I prefer the look of the Merino, though. I don't like how short that liner is.
Yeah, it's a bit strange, especially when some of the other brands they carry go for less. Pretty sure their Lardini coats didn't even go for that much.
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