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Much better fit, bene.
Meh, I think it works.
If I buy a pair of glasses on line, can I take them to any opticians to have them put in the lenses, or just to ones that carry that particular frame?
I think they might be Paul Smith.
Nice! I passed up on it because I wasn't sure about the material. I kind of preferred something more solid. Also thought the coat might be too long.
Sounds like L.A ConfidentialCrystal hosted the Oscars the year it was released.
Okay, so which one of you was lucky enough to get the coat? It's just been sold. Anyone see the Maxi coat in alpaca anywhere? Seems like only the one store had it.
Lemaire Maxi coat, 48: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lemaire-Maxi-Coat-size-48-/112263158859?hash=item1a2367dc4b:g:cDkAAOSwa~BYcybH
You kind of look like Jesus from the Walking Dead
How much better do you want it to get? How much better can it get?
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