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What's the style forum version of seppuku? His honor depends on it.
I much prefer this pic of Tim Curry on set, that has recently surfaced: Or this: You know, there are times you just don't feel like going out and eating children, you know?
Soon to be performing Shakespeare in the park.
I always thought Rais looked a bit like Sam Rockwell.
Some new shots of Uniqlo U line: [[SPOILER]]
Doesn't Gravity Pope still carry SS?
Kind of looks like you have on two different outfits. Going to the office, and going to the gym.
Anyone know what frames these are?: edit, I found them.
Sometimes (often?) The Sartorialist takes photos of people who just catch his eye. It's not always about fashion. I do find some of the comments a bit breathless, though. "There’s something kind, proud in his eyes. An adult and a child. We can feel all his strength".
New Posts  All Forums: