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Can't access this site from my country.
When is U actually available in stores? I was there today, and saw nothing from the new collection.
Well, there is this gem
Is this a duplicate thread, or did you actually have two Memory coats to sell?
I feel like Uniqlo U (the men's, at least), is too cautious. I get that it's mostly supposed to be basics, but it's all kind of boring.
Cos made a very similar jacket just last year:
Looks like this jacket from 2014t:
Found the coat, but just my luck, it's not in my size. So, if anyone else is interested: https://*****************/listings/1596030-Ami-Ami-Alexandre-Mattiussi-Double-Breasted-Wool-coat
Any other poster would get a ton of heat for doing this.
Security guards in Spacepope's apartment: "I really like how that coat drapes..."
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