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If you have a pair of Levis that you absolutely love, why not just stick with Levis?
Nike should consider doing for sweatshirts what they do for their sneakers, letting people design their own, through their website.
Would you settle for a Nike FC?
I don't get it, why do you want someone to send from Canada?
No offence, but you look like a little boy who has decided to run away from home.
You have very specific taste.As far as I know, there wasn't a non angled, square font for Nike.
Like this, but without the swoosh? Probably not, although this comes close:
It's true, but just compare this...to this...Okay, that will be the last Bene pics I'll post. I'm not trying to pick on him, just he has had it in him to post some good shit.
I Know What You Wore Last Summer.
I kind of agree, though, I'm not sure Schneider works for you.I hope you don't mind me posting some of your older fits, but there was a period where I think you hit your stride and found a look that really suited you.Although I was surprised by the sheer variety of fits you've posted over the years. I think that's why people sometimes give you grief, you have the funds and can clearly put together solid fits, but you still seem to be experimenting.Also, dude, you had a...
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