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I quit after smoking for about 10 years, about 6 years ago. I used the patch, but leading up to that, I enacted a strict regimen to my smoking. First I set an arbitrary, easy to reach limit. 1 cigarette per hour. This was cutting down slightly for me, but no big deal. The biggest thing that sticking to this accomplished was, rather than following cravings, I was in conscious control of when I decided to smoke. I followed that plan for 2 weeks, then I cut down to a cig...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwright11 I do have some credit on amazon for selling my textbooks, how stupid would I be to buy a new pair in 11 E for $325? honesty appreciated. Pretty sure allaboutshoes, who posted above, can get you a much better deal than that. PM him and check out his thread, it's legit and a great deal.
Is there any way generally to gauge the fit of their shirts? I have a couple of the slim fit oxford's from this past summer when I was in NYC for a day, and no off the rack shirts fit me better than the XS I got. The sleeve length in particular is perfect. Do all of their XS tend to have these shorter sleeves? Or would I need to email them on a case by case basis?
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