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I quit after smoking for about 10 years, about 6 years ago. I used the patch, but leading up to that, I enacted a strict regimen to my smoking. First I set an arbitrary, easy to reach limit. 1 cigarette per hour. This was cutting down slightly for me, but no big deal. The biggest thing that sticking to this accomplished was, rather than following cravings, I was in conscious control of when I decided to smoke. I followed that plan for 2 weeks, then I cut down to a cig...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwright11 I do have some credit on amazon for selling my textbooks, how stupid would I be to buy a new pair in 11 E for $325? honesty appreciated. Pretty sure allaboutshoes, who posted above, can get you a much better deal than that. PM him and check out his thread, it's legit and a great deal.
Kind of confused, just got an email about tons of fabrics 50% off for Easter, but, I don't see any fabrics that are 50% off when I put in the sales code. I see a bunch more on sale but mostly $10-20 off, not even close to 50%.
Well that could be, I just figured others here might compare that to their own experiences with measurements and go 'oh yeah you dolt, that armhole is way off and you probably measured like X when you should measure from Y to Z'. edit: ^^^ thanks man thats a good basis to start from!
So my initial order to MT got rejected, the 'master tailor' saying that the proportions of my armhole and bicep measurement did not match. I measured from a Uniqlo slim fit OCBD, size XS. My initial measurements submitted were 7.25" armhole and 6.8" bicep. I remeasured this morning afterward and got 7.5" armhole and 7" bicep, but these don't seem very far off from the originals. I'm wondering if there's something obviously way off I'm missing there, but I feel like I...
Is there any way generally to gauge the fit of their shirts? I have a couple of the slim fit oxford's from this past summer when I was in NYC for a day, and no off the rack shirts fit me better than the XS I got. The sleeve length in particular is perfect. Do all of their XS tend to have these shorter sleeves? Or would I need to email them on a case by case basis?
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