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When I was real young my dad drove one of these. I remember sitting in the back and having cigarette smoke blow in my face. I'm sure it hauled ass but all I remember was the smoke and getting my hand slammed in the door once. That happens to children in coupes.
Love the new hair. Great threads as well. Fit is impeccable.
Quote: Originally Posted by billsayers 90% of the asian girls I have seen with non-asian males are low-shelf, slanty-eyed and ethnic as sin. . I haven't seen that at all. Seems to me mostly American born asians date white guys like 50% or more of the time and the foreign born ones date asians only.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex What happened here? Can somebody fill me in? woeisme was pissed off because he wasn't let into charvet and all of a sudden he gets a card? Did charvet come to SF and read his thread? What am I missing? all of the above
1. Go to Charvet 2. Misinterpret doors 3. Get free card holder 4. Profit!!???
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH This sounds familiar to my family growing up. In this situation I am your newborn. Let me just say that my mother is a wonderful woman and she means well and I love her to death, but my father created a monster. I never had a homecooked meal growing up because my mother didn't like cooking so we ate at restaurants, my mother always got her way and manipulated every situation to make it like she was being...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradden O.P. You need to have a talk with your wife, I have been in your position and there is a temporary pain. It seems we put much more effort into parenting then our parents did, there are so many "experts" in raisng a child that we neglect to do what is natural, we over think things and spend more energy parenting then we do our vocations. This being your first child your wife probably works as hard as you do, you...
Just had Gouden Carolus Easter. It's a dark Belgian strong ale. Quite good.
I tend to be the dominant one in my relationships. I think it really just depends on your personality and who you date. My bro and dad are the same way with their wives.
OP, don't worry about your lower half. Women love strong legs and a nice butt. Are you sure your clothes fit? You might need to buy new ones.
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