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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Over/Under before one of them calls of the engagement: Line is 1 week I went under last time so I"m going over this time.
Unfortunately much like yoox they don't seem to know what length they are.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White Even so, many of Germany's immigrants are Kurds. They're Germany's Mexicans. As an ethnic group, Kurds never had a country, only a unique regional language. Until a few years ago, there wasn't even a typographical font for printing in Kurdish. They had to add diacritical marks to other languages (as do Vietnamese -- though there are plenty of Vietnamese fonts). So... Mexicans don't have a country? I...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I couldn't agree less. Here in Korea Canadians are without any contest the most nationalistic around. If you meet one, they'll be sure to remind you that they're Canadian in the first 2 minutes of conversation. everyone does that when they leave their own country.
that was 3 years ago, I'm guessing not
Damn you don't have anymore XL?
second vote for Bistro du Coin. It's a typical bistro so suitable for noise and children
First thing I would do is go one week with no excercise. See what happens.
I remember this guy going at it with Conne. Good times RIP
Quote: Originally Posted by Tano so the good quality fully canvassed suits would have "Chester Barrie" like this label? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/$%28KGrHqMOK...%7E%7E0_12.JPG Correct
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