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I'll repeat it. Join clubs, intramural sports, etc. I suspect you had that at your other school too you just never did it. As the poster said above, wherever you go there you are. Don't expect your life to change because you moved. You'll still be the same person with the same hang ups. Live in a coop. I did and honestly I probably slept with a differernt girl every couple months for 3 years straight, and from all over the world.
The problem is that this same thing happened in Katrina where rumors of thousands dead and mass rape attacks in the Superdome were circulated. None were true but many people believed them and still do.edit: Teger beat me too it
democrats are running with this stuff because it's offensive to most Americans.
Is this why NY sucks?
Normally I'd do the +1 but I can't click it on my iPad.
Quality post right here folks.
an infinite amount amount of monkies with an infinite amount of time will take your virginity.
Looks usually have nothing to do with guys being single. There are hideous men out there with women. It's almost always confidence or lack thereof
So I enjoyed This One Goes To 11 Ale. It was like a hoppier more alcoholic Hopslam execpt more complex as well. It was a little more boozy than I would like so a little age would probably benefit it.
I've moved 4 times for jobs starting with my first real job at 23. I've loved every move. Go for it. Now that i'm 34 and in a serious relationship I'm looking for more stability.
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