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Quote: Originally Posted by LatinStyleLover Many thanks! I know someone who has been looking for a covret coat in this size for quite some time now so one of these will be his. Note, that Poole coat is not a size 46. It's a 46 chest which for a coat means this is probably a 44 or even a 42.
Maria Stepanova 6'8"
Had the full Oscar Blues range at a beer dinner tonight at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. The food was great and beer was quite good as well. I'm a fan of the G'Knight and One Hit Wonder. Not a fan of the Gubna.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Oh man! Nice. I'm 6'6" too and can never find someone over 6 feet to date. Me either, it's because there are statistically a tiny amount of women over 6'0"
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo What did you like out of the lineup? I think Steam is overrated but Liberty is an excellent drinking beer. I thought the barlewine was very well balanced. It's low in alcohol for the style at about 8.3% but that allowed more subtle flavors to come through. I also liked that porter. It was very straight ahead (as are all their beers) but I thought it was good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington A MBA right now would be an epic waste. Work a few years and then apply to Stanford/Harvard/Wharton. yep
that's a Moon Pie, bro
I somehow doubt a doctor will give this to a young guy with no kids. My friend got one at 26 but he already had 2 kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm hacking pockets are awful. do not know why people like them. . What about on hacking jackets?
Had the full range of Anchor beers last night at the beer theatre. I have new found repect for those guys for their history.
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