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Seems like a cheap ploy for political image.
can we get a follow up OP? WTF
What is Italian about a boater?
I actually like ventless.
Quote: Originally Posted by Humperdink It really earns it's name. Don't know if this is old news, but Founders is going to be issuing seasonal and specialties (like the Curmudgeon) in 750ml bottles. That's news to me. I've never seen founders in 750s Speaking of which has anyone had Founders Backwoods Bastard? I've had Dirty Bastard and am really curious about Backwoods. I've never even seen it for sale.
The only Malaysian I've ever met was a Tamil.
Quote: Originally Posted by saiyar1 It's a fashion suit. They are using experimental materials to get different drapes or silhouettes. It's not comparable to a suit for different uses, such as work. The price is mostly that amount because you are buying a label. Truth is, just because a brand is famous, cut in a flattering way, or has previously made a nice quality garment doesn't mean every suit is. yep
looks great, now you need to worry about your shirt because the neck hole is way too big.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 i have a case of this I bought as an impulse buy. I will age a lot of it long term and see how it turns out.
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