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I have, the motherfucker took the girl from me after a couple dates. I was not pleased.
There would probably more sympathy if it was a mom and pop store not a multi million dollar pizza chain. They can afford it.
Do it. Take the shitty job, prove you can sell, and then move on to a better sales job. Of all the careers out there sales is probably the most results oriented so if you can do it there, you can do it anywhere they figure.
I wonder if she intentionally brought him down because he was moving on to another woman
Do you wear a hat? I find that it keeps really warm without making my body hot. Doesn't make sense but it works.
wow, that's weird
Can we talk about Vince Foster now guise? Guise?
Housing cooperatives. ICC and College Houses are two coops. Basically coed houses where everyone shares in the work. It's a mecca for sexually liberated college women.
Me and my gf voted Dem in IN. So there....
I picture the rice vending machine releasing a wave of grains out of the bottom all over your shoes.
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