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How many stores do you go to at 9 am on Sunday?
Okay, who's laying money on this rematch? Looks like the Italian is bigger but I sense a lot of rage in foo, plus everyone knows oval heads know karate.
Let the dog die, cry, get a new dog. This is the natural order of things
My GF is in her 10th year teaching just outside of Chicago in Indiana and makes less than 40 k. I suspect that's more normal.
Interesting points. I'll have to do more research. Thanks.
It would be for home use for the two of us. We'd use it every day. I currently have an old Krups and a seperate grinder but the prospect of having everything automated sounds nice.
lattes, espresso, cappuccino
Espressione CA4865 Supremma, anyone have expirence with this one? I can get it for $530
Plus us tall guys are up there where the hot air is. I've noticed it's always cooler on public trans when I sit.
I don't think Boric acid kills eggs.
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