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Quote: Originally Posted by howbah Scary Lady lives on nectar drawn from night-blossoming verbena only, small insects, and spiders. It can be difficult to find a restaurant that will accommodate her diet. You wish, more likely it's cocaine.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel "and he's never done wrong by you" But he has hence this and other threads
Dick To Order
Are you one of those guys who only drinks sweet drinks, cause that's a little childish/gay if you ask me.
looks fine to me, don't wear scarves inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by RockJaw When an American clothing company uses a name like "Oxxford" for their suits, well then the product must be good, even if they can't spell "Oxford" properly. Now, tell me, can anyone spell "Saville Row"? Seriously though, these Oxxfords are as good as anyting you find on Saville Row, and there is a distributor in london for anyone who is interested, go in and take a look at their gear - great quality...
Quote: Originally Posted by alexwgoody Yes, about mixing them.I have no plan to drive, I just don't want to end surprisingly drunk from 1 glass or not feeling well. I've never had to take vicodin before and am a little concerned You will feel multiplied effects so just take it slow. I doubt you won't be able to handle it just drink real slow.
What is your question? Whether you can mix the two? Hell yeah, just don't drive.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson That's a ballin' cigar. my cousin gave it to me for Christmas. For the first half it was the best cigar I've ever had. The second half was disappointing relatively.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower My first instinct was the "that's what she said" reply, but that's so...2005. Amazing with all the face protection his helmet provided that such a thing could happen. Might be better to leave the chunk of wood in place and let the doctors remove it. I guarantee that's the last time he rides with is face mask open. That's what it's for you dumbass!
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