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I like fishing on the pier but what you use will depend on the type of fish in that area. There should be a tackle shop nearby the pier. Go there and ask around.
Stupidest thread ever...
I'm not saying you have to be average, just that you have to have even known anyone average and I'm not sure Romney would have ever had that opportunity. People with his kind of multigenerational wealth don't have much chance to deal with regular people these days.
Bill Clinton was that guy, and Barack worked with regular people while working on the South side of Chicago. So that's the last two Democratic presidents who knew lots of regular people.
Being filthy rich is fine. Having never been around anyone who wasn't also filthy rich is a problem
I think that's the average income or something like that.
I think Romney is probably a good guy who wants to help but doesn't have any idea how because he doesn't know what it's like to live on 35k a year in a real world that isn't a lab of conservative economic theory.
Even Fox news says you're wrong."work requirements aren't on the table"http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/08/08/obama-welfare-waiver-gutting-rules-or-tweaking/
Has anyone considered this was an intentional leak by the campaign? You know this sort of thing really excites some conservatives so maybe this is a desperate attempt to energize the base. Nevermind that it's a dispicable position, if it works then it works.
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