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They're cracking down on that at the request of NYC. There was an article about it in the Richmond Times Dispatch just the other day changing the law on how many cigarettes you can buy at a time.
East coast people are funny. Our home office is in NJ and the people there have to concept of geography and distance. I had a guy in NJ tell me there was a rep "out near me" he was in Atlanta I'm in Chicago.
My grandma took speed. It was prescribed to anyone who was tired.
I, for one, love the new refs. Every game is way more interesting. Bookies must be losing their minds though.
Would hit back...with Uzi rounds
First off, it's "pents"
I bought a fake Belvest overcoat from Italy. As a rule I don't buy anything online from Italy.
anything and everything, flannel shirts, sweaters, henleys, you name it.
You imply that charities actually help people. What if all that money was used for Mormon missions to go and convert Frenchmen. Just saying.
New Posts  All Forums: