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What is a flat and how does something flat have another thing inside?
'Chester' is a diffusion line. I can't speak to the quality but it's assuredly below Chester Barrie quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin U like teh fat wimmenz? I don't find protruding hip bones and knobby knees attractive. I wouldn't kick her out of bed but I thought she was more attractive in that dress
Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee Beautiful leaves, although the lack of explanation for the blue-ness is kind of unnerving. . It's the cornflower but despite what they say I'd be willing to bet it was added strictly for visual effect.
I had a woman call me a fag once but it was because I wouldn't give her money.
Quote: Originally Posted by shademore Nothing like a good a shit show. But seriously take your lumps, learn that as an ebay seller you're an idiot if you posture over a return regardless of the reason, and move the F* move on. Pretty much. If you refuse returns you're just asking for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy find pics of her face up close. not a fan that's the part I like best, the rest is the problem. too bony
This thread is making me feel real good about my own identity. I used to think I had issues.
Fuck I thought about making this thread last night. Sad to see she looks better covered up though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy Guys in hats think they look like this... ...when in fact they look like this.... So?
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