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Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i couldnt imagine grinding up on a bitch while sipping wine. it would be un bro like. bro. only bros dance with drinks in their hand, bro
Quote: Originally Posted by OakCreekHitter The more you touch and run your fingers through your hair, the more chance you make hair fall out. myth
those are all too short in my opinion.
Likely you are compensating for another diffciency and that's causing you to hurt your hammy. See a doc and get a prescription to see a physical therapist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl is this what all the fuss is over? fit is.. unremarkable Looks perfect to me.
If you like wine drink it but don't pretend you're not.
This thread is getting so awesome. I predict invitations for fisticuffs at various NY intersections.
More likely is that your hair if falling out due to baldness. Try using nothing for a week and see if your hair continues to fall out.
Interesting that you state you can't spot reduce and then go on to ask how to spot reduce. WTF? Yes, stop exercising your legs. That will atrophy the muscle allowing your legs to get smaller.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger To your second point, you're saying that if Salvatore told you he couldn't take your order because he has too much business you'd be cool with that? Bullshit. Because thats basically what he's telling you now by being backlogged 6 months, and you've got your panties in a bunch over it (rightly so I might add). Or better yet, if you were a new client, and wanted a pair of pants, and he said "Sorry, not now,...
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