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Robocop as a concept made a lot of sense in the era when it was made. The late 80 and early 90s was the highest crime rate the country had seen. Everyone assumed it would keep getting worse and this movie was a response to that. Now that America is at historically low crime rates it doesn't make any sense so Al Qaeda is the answer I guess.
I've lived in 4 of those cities
Train conductor for freight. I could still do it but it doesn't pay enough and I'd like a semi normal home life.
lol, vagina addiction
An interesting article about the death of a men's wear shop. The article is mainly about changing demographics in a neighborhood but there is lots of other story lines like the type of clothes that are popular with black men, the passing of old jewish haberdashers, wise businessmen putting a local face on their business, and more. I enjoyed the...
I agree. He stands to look very small time by getting involved with a labor dispute between teachers and town hall in one city. This is only a big issue to certain segment of the population, most Americans don't really give a shit about teachers in Chicago. Only partisans (Piob/AFLCIO/the like) attach this to some greater issue with organized labor. Romney needs to present ideas about the economy not this stuff.
Baltimore is a cool city. I used to live in MD and went there quite a bit.
I really like it. If you use a PC for work it's also nice because you have excel, outlook, and word integrated with the phone.
I combined two points. My mom is a retired teacher in Texas.You'll be happy to know Indiana became a right to work state this year. There is a union in Texas but it's the Chinese version of a union, run by the state and with non binding agreements and no right to strike.
There are no teacher unions in the south and people disrespect teachers there too. We've become a society that trusts kids more than adults. My gf got a nasty email after summer started attacking her for giving out detention to her daughter for not doing her homework that year. Can you imagine being mad at the teacher for that? It's common.
New Posts  All Forums: