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Hyundai Genesis anyone? They look great but I don't know anything about them. Every time I see one on the road I'm impressed by the looks. Kinda like a Lexus mixed with a jag.
You're my hero
I need a new amp. Mine doesn't have bluetooth which is annoying
If one wants to mod a car the smart thing to do is take all the parts off before you sell it and sell them individually. Also, you will trick guys like me who don't like modded cars.
I shy away from cars with mods anyway because people who mod cars also drive them hard.
too many miles
Is Houston going to make this a series? Doesn't look like it so far down by 16
2 kitchens?
Well, that's why I'm not evicting everybody. They're totally being sketch though. I asked for his number and they said they'll have him contact us. WTF?
We found his facebook page he moved to town in March.
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