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1/4 perlite. You might consider a compact cfl set up if you live in the northern latitudes.Edit: Be sure to post a smoke report.
Well, I'm thinking ground temp. air temp would be colder here. Not MN cold though.
Not plant them in the ground unless they can take -10F.
ahhh, California
go on
Scotch newb here. I'd like to try a scotch from a first fill sherry cask. Any recs? I love Bushmills Black Bush so I"m guessing this is the kind of scotch i should try.
My own personal experiences with racism have largely been with poorer/working class people. I didn't say anything, just moved on but a couple days ago was the second time she's brought it up.
Previously my boss has made little comments that made me think she might have a slight issue with Jewish people but recently it's escalated to saying a couple of our customers are stingy/tightwads because "they're jewish". I'm not sure what to do in this situation other than be sad for society. I wouldn't expect this from a 31 yr old woman from the suburbs, a child of a doctor no less.
My body is ready
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