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My neighbor just had to do that to his house. But he bought it as a foreclosure and knew it going in. He still said he was shocked by the price.
Ten beers of a nice double IPA ( which I could do all day) would get you completely wrecked.
OP, do you do everything together? Sometimes my gf goes to Target and she'll be gone for hours. Or she goes to have dinner with a friend.
42 inch Husqvarna riding mower
wow, I haven't seen my lawn in months with the snow
I've lived with forced air, water radiators, wood burning stove, and even natural gas and kerosene space heaters but forced air is by far the best for the speed at which it heats. My only hate of forced air is the humidity issue. My house has built in humidifiers so it's not a problem.
You should get some shitake plugs and put them in the trees. http://www.amazon.com/Shiitake-Mushroom-Mycelium-Plug-Spawn/dp/B00BJ5F84S
"Free firewood! Must chop and haul yourself"
So I went to look at some diamonds and settings with my girlfriend. We were looking for an emerald cut good quality around a carat to a carat and a half. He showed us one was that was a more than we wanted to pay with a setting we really liked. We left after that since he didn't have any smaller ones. We went back a second time and I had decided that if he came off the price a little I would take it. He wanted $8700, I said I would pay cash today if he'd do $7700. I...
It's a Homburg that's probably been dented to look more casual.
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