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It's on the Chicago river, no swells.
If any of y'all end up in Chicago take the boat architecture tour. It takes off from Navy Pier. It's fun.
Well, a suburb and not the fashionable neighborhood it once was but it's still fine.
Another modernist home for sale in the South Suburbs
Just found out yesterday she's being promoted. I feel sorry for any Jews that apply. They'll never know why they didn't get it.
what is long term? Just curious
No dealer would drive a donk. They're not that dumb.
Friend of mine has been trying to buy a place for months now. She most recentlyLost out on a place with a bid 30K over the asking price.
If you ate at the one on Burnet I grew up 2 blocks from there.
They start at 38K here in the US but yeah, the nicer ones (v8 ) are more like 50K.
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