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Well, I'm thinking ground temp. air temp would be colder here. Not MN cold though.
Not plant them in the ground unless they can take -10F.
ahhh, California
go on
Scotch newb here. I'd like to try a scotch from a first fill sherry cask. Any recs? I love Bushmills Black Bush so I"m guessing this is the kind of scotch i should try.
My own personal experiences with racism have largely been with poorer/working class people. I didn't say anything, just moved on but a couple days ago was the second time she's brought it up.
Previously my boss has made little comments that made me think she might have a slight issue with Jewish people but recently it's escalated to saying a couple of our customers are stingy/tightwads because "they're jewish". I'm not sure what to do in this situation other than be sad for society. I wouldn't expect this from a 31 yr old woman from the suburbs, a child of a doctor no less.
My body is ready
Awesome. We bought at the same time but haven't done any improvements yet. I'm hoping we can do the same thing because yeah, throwing $300 a month away is making me mad. How much did you spend on improvements if I can ask?
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