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Definitely googled that on my work computer, thanks.
There is definitely some of that too
As I understand it was a assisted open which is legal in some places and not others. It has a small spring that helps it open as your push the blade open. It's not a full auto which opens with a button and what most people think of as a switch blade.
Lebron Jihad
You must have me confused with someone else. I'm an Astros and Texans fan.
I can't believe I'm saying it but now that the Spurs are out I guess I'm rooting for Lebron. Dude is looking dangerous this playoffs.
Grabbing people in your workplace should never happen. That's a fire able offense.
Dude must think he's in Taiwan.
You might want to think of a fire suppression system if you sleep over your garage. A lot of fires start in the garage.
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