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I try to keep between 6 Mississippi and 9 Mississippi hot over the chimney. That's how my dad taught me. I don't measure the temp. Maybe I should just out of curiosity.
3 Floyds Dark Lord Day was a complete show as usual. I was prepared for the weather this time but I'm too old to stand for 7 hours straight. On the plus side I got my allotment plus a variant, Ronaldo. I had pours of Marshmellow Hanjee and French Vanilla Militia and both were preposterously good. Also shared a ton of beers of which Sexual Chocolate on pappy barrels was the star.
Smoked a 15lb brisket in the old barrel smoker Friday on mesquite. It went 10 hrs and came out plenty tender. I don't know why people throw around 1.5 hr per lb numbers.
where in CO are you? My aunt and uncle just bought a place in Ft Collins. Stupid expensive there.
Call an exterminator
I've been to a few Starbucks with this already. I'm terrified of walking in on a woman.
Stop reading The Blaze.
Yep, the ole Knock and Talk.
Yeah, highly unlikely.
Good to know. Thanks
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