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I was walking the dog in my very white town yesterday and two ladies (white) where driving around in a John Deer Gator on the public streets drinking out of plastic cups and my first thought was you could never get away with that in the ghetto.
Can confirm. Also, ability to memorize.
Black biology grad of University of Texas here, what do i win?
Pretty sure AT has a crush.
All these men's groups share one thing in common which is the inability to get laid. They're just scrubs but the Internet has allowed them to join together and refer to themselves as something other than scrubs.
That's why you drown them. Don't let them sit and die of exposure.
Yeah, some animals are more equal than others. It didn't surprise me to see it was a farmer. Animal death is normal to them.
This trap wasn't powerful enough to kill so I had to drown them after they got trapped.
Unfortunately the chipmunk population is expierncing collective punishment since I found one in the garage. I've killed 3 in the yard with traps just this weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: