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Oh, my wife's cousin just sold her little condo in CO springs for 230K. She paid 150K 2 years ago.
I on the other hand bought our place 3 years ago and it appears to be a flat market here. That's fine. I just don't want to lose money.
My parents paid $17000. Yes $17K for their place in Austin in '76. Recent appraisal was 550K.
Got my tickets for Dark Lord Day. They've been improving the experience every year the past few. Let's hope the weather cooperates this time.
I would hope my family would be sad if I got killed even if I was breaking into a house.
Fun fact. When I was in jr high my best friend's mom was dating a guy in the Klan. He was pretty cool to us kids. Gave us beer and what not. My buddy's mom is Mexican and I'm half black.
I think it's directly related to how long your society has been off the farm.
Yep, that's more my speed.
sounds like your legal system is fucked. Don't wish for vigilantism.
New Posts  All Forums: