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well, yeahYou don't understand lake effect.Some I've seen really do look like wood, others are wood-esque but still cool
Ceramic, not porcelain
Thoughts on porcelain tile with wood look? I'm thinking about the foyer and I've decided man made tile is the way to go (snow and water on shoes).
1/4 perlite. You might consider a compact cfl set up if you live in the northern latitudes.Edit: Be sure to post a smoke report.
Well, I'm thinking ground temp. air temp would be colder here. Not MN cold though.
Not plant them in the ground unless they can take -10F.
ahhh, California
go on
Scotch newb here. I'd like to try a scotch from a first fill sherry cask. Any recs? I love Bushmills Black Bush so I"m guessing this is the kind of scotch i should try.
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