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My father in law was a bricklayer at the steel mills. His whole life was spent in a furnace and nothing so far, 69 yrs old.
I poisoned the chipmunks too. Little furry bastards
The squirrels chewed through the wall of my shed this summer to make a home. I poisoned them and decided to nail up some wood to cover the hole yesterday. Turns out the stack of old wood I stood on had a wasp nest. I got stung about 8 times pretty much everywhere but my face. And my neighbor probably got to see me take my clothes off in the back yard. Awesome times.
My buddy just gave his fiancé his mom's ring. Lucky for her it was about 4 carats.
I love Brutalism
Yep, I got $800 to insulate my attic last year. Only needed $200 extra to get it done.
I'll sell you our rent house for less than that.
Sheeeiit, if you can get into a home at your age without all the financial bs and no PMI I would go for it.
What product did you use?
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