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Finally got our old house rented out. Here's to hoping nothing breaks/they don't screw us.
Yeah, when you bench the overall 2nd pick several years in a row he's done. He'll be out of there next year. lolskins
We have it and the dogs are killing it.
So I wanted to have one of our fireplaces converted from gas logs to wood burning with gas starter. Dude came over today and said the box is offset from the chimney ( I knew that) but that he can't see what is in between and wanted to use a camera to see. He also said the crown was cracked, it needs to be tuck pointed, the tiles were out of place and would have to cut a hole into the chimney to fix it after the camera confirmed there is a proper connection between the...
interior or exterior?
Fridge died. Awesome.
Alden should fit the bill.
post pics when you finish
well, yeahYou don't understand lake effect.Some I've seen really do look like wood, others are wood-esque but still cool
New Posts  All Forums: