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I live in one of the few remaining places in the country that is both solidly working class and white but also solidly Democratic. The people I know who are public Trump supporters aren't people who I think have been engaged in politics before. So props to Trump for inspiring them, however when he loses they'll probably become more apathetic to politics than ever.
I know a few. They're working class white folks like you might imagine.
Or he's stocking up on ammo and posting about Elliot Rodger. Either one.
Hope he doesn't own any firearms.
2 bombs, no deaths so far. Amateurs?
I guess I didn't negotiate like that. Just cost for everything. Weather King door and sidelights, a MI outfit.
Just got quoted $4700 for a new steel door, 2 side lights, new steel frame, and storm door plus installation. Sound fair?
I'm exaggerating a little bit but not much.
This is a nifty argument except it can't be applied to black americans since we didn't bring any culture here, or at least what we did was erased. Black culture is pure American culture. We are perhaps the most American of Americans.
Just because white racism caused a problem doesn't mean that anyone expects white people to fix it. I think you'll find the history of black people in america is fixing things in spite of white people's influence.
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