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Oh, I got you haha. Yeah, rust belt is cheap. I love it up here.
That's not very much considering it's a suburb of Chicago on the Metra line and it's a 2.5 acre lot.Yeah, it's not quite the area it once was but it's still a decent Chicago suburb.
Yeah, it's a mishmash of updates but the bones are great.. I like the original hex tile, other than that no.
I can fap to this http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1911-Hanover-Ln-Flossmoor-IL-60422/4321319_zpid/
I imagine Klingons would live in something like that.
That would be nice. I don't even know how old it was but 10 years is certainly possible.
Water heater went out. $800 all in. 50 gal whirlpool.
Ravens just cut Ray Rice.
Not if you live somewhere cold
lol, someone was talking to me about that the other day. I started singing a song inside my head to distract myself.
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