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My ankle is still sore from getting up roughly 60 times. Meat was killer though.
I try to keep between 6 Mississippi and 9 Mississippi hot over the chimney. That's how my dad taught me. I don't measure the temp. Maybe I should just out of curiosity.
3 Floyds Dark Lord Day was a complete show as usual. I was prepared for the weather this time but I'm too old to stand for 7 hours straight. On the plus side I got my allotment plus a variant, Ronaldo. I had pours of Marshmellow Hanjee and French Vanilla Militia and both were preposterously good. Also shared a ton of beers of which Sexual Chocolate on pappy barrels was the star.
Smoked a 15lb brisket in the old barrel smoker Friday on mesquite. It went 10 hrs and came out plenty tender. I don't know why people throw around 1.5 hr per lb numbers.
where in CO are you? My aunt and uncle just bought a place in Ft Collins. Stupid expensive there.
Call an exterminator
Good to know. Thanks
Could be worse. The neighbor at our other place is letting it go into foreclosure.
My mom was born in Doylestown. I used to have a bunch of relatives there but they're pretty much all gone. The farm she grew up on is now homes like you're describing.
We rent out our other house using a management co and they rented it in 2 days. We get $1050 for it and still come out ahead after the 10%
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